Wellcraft: the American purpose-built boat


Wellcraft232CoastalWellcraft offers an impressive range of purpose-built boats that are designed to appeal to a wide demographic of buyers. From fishing enthusiasts to fun loving families, this is an American brand that continues to go from strength to strength.
Originally designed in Florida, the Wellcraft boats brand quickly rose to Wellcraft222Scarabfame. Many will remember that the brand’s Scarab Offshore featured heavily in hit television show Miami Vice. At the heart of the boats is a focus on high quality engineering and manufacturing, with every element considered in detail.

The boats within the range are typified by their sleek lines and tall hull, with the latter given a strong sense of stability. The combination of fun and practicality are evident throughout, with each vessel boasting a signature hook.

Wellcraft290CoastalIn order to enjoy impressive levels of performance, drivers are offered highly functioning dashboard elements, allowing control of boats that provide a strong and stable experience, together with stunning levels of power.

What is particularly striking about designs within the Wellcraft range, however, is the level of attention to detail. Seating, for example, is designed to be both contemporary and comfortable. But the design team never forgets the need to ensure that such elements are also extremely practical: cushions can be removed, foam has been used that drains easily and there is a clear focus on making the boats easy to maintain.

This is one American brand that continues to hold a special place within the market. Buyers will welcome a new Wellcraft302Fishermanrange of vessels that follow in the established traditions that have made boats within the existing range so popular.


For more information about the Wellcraft range (specifications, brochure, quotation…) we invite you to send an email at chooseyourboat@gmail.com.

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