Sun Odyssey 440: a Revolutionary Sailboat


With the launch of the Sun Odyssey 440, Philippe Briand and Jean-Marc Piaton have produced the latest addition to the Sun Odyssey range. This eighth generation vessel represents a significant development for Jeanneau, which has already developed 48 models since being established in 1989. Here is a guided tour video of 13 minutes to discover the new Sun Odyssey 440.


Sun Odyssey 440: Optimized cockpit and movement on board

A redevelopment of all elements of the boat means that the Sun Odyssey 440 provides a unique experience, but still Sun Odyssey 440capture the essence of the successful brand. From the moment that you step onto the deck, you are immediately struck by the impressive attention to detail. With inclined side decks and extended coamings, there is the combination of safety features and additional lounge space. The on-board experience ensures that owner and guests are free of obstacles, enabling them to enjoy all that the craft has to offer.

Sun Odyssey 440For those tasked with crewing the Sun Odyssey 440, there is a range of thoughtful features that combine to ensure that the task can be undertaken seamlessly. From the split rigging to the easy access boom, great care has been taken to offer a flexible range of options.

The cockpit table is a great example of innovative design in action. This is much more than a simple place in which to place your drinks! With integrated controls for the lighting and instruments, together with a portable fridge and BBQ, there is an opportunity to entertain, while also maintaining full control of the essential elements of the yacht.


Sun Odyssey 440: Comfortable and modern design

Below deck, the interior has been provided on a single level, with no door sills at all. This adds to the sense that thisSun Odyssey 440 is a craft on which it’s possible to move about with ease at all times.

The interior of the vessel offers a real insight into the design capabilities of Jean-Marc Piaton and his team, transforming impressions of the possibilities offered by yacht interiors. The central galley provides a hub for the boat, while the owner’s cabin is extremely large, boasting storage, a private head and separate shower.

Sun Odyssey 440Examining the chart table reveals a « best in class » feature, including a contoured seat and deep desk, with integrated pen storage. As you’d expect, there is a state of the art touch screen panel too, enabling tankage and batteries to be reviewed at all times.

Throughout the vessel, the use of grey cedar timber and contemporary fabrics means that guests will be impressed by the standard of furnishings and finish. With extra sound proofing, together with extensive lighting and ventilation, the Sun Odyssey 440 has clearly been designed to provide a comfortable experience.Sun Odyssey 440


The owner’s cabin is equipped with a large bed (160X200) and a lot of storage space. There is also a head with a separated shower.


Sun Odyssey 440: Sailor friendly and performant

That comfort, however, has not led to any compromises when it comes to performance. The full forward section manages to combine the power, stability and speed that would more usually be reserved for a racing yacht. Meanwhile, the secure helm station and twin rudders enable an extraordinary level of control. Drag is also eliminated via the use of the retractable bow thruster.

The Sun Odyssey 440 represents a vision of the future. Building upon the heritage of the existing range, it reflects a generational shift. This is a comfortable, practical vessel that provides a high performance experience.


For more information about the new Sun Odyssey 440 by Jeanneau (sea trial, brochure, quotation…) we invite you to to click here or to send an email at

6 réponses
  1. Murielle
    Murielle dit :

    Le sun odyssey 440 est de toute beauté, j’avis gagné un week-end en boat avec le chauffeur privé à Nice qui vous dépose sur la marina et ensuite le départ, il était beaucoup moins grand mais l’aspect luxueux était similaire, il est magnifique

  2. thomas
    thomas dit :

    Je me demandais s’il était possible de voyager avec son chien en toute liberté, car lui mettre un
    harnais pour chien pour qu’il ne bouge c’est inutile de l’emmener avec soi! Avec mon épouse nous partons 2 mois et nous souhaiterions savoir

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    Sun Odyssey 440: a Revolutionary Sailboat – Choose Your Boat

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