Sarnico 60 GTV: a new coupé with high charm

Sarnico 60 GTVThe Sarnico 60 is a new coupé designed by Nuvolari & Lenard such as the other versions that have been already proposed: open, GT. This new GTV  once again shows the skill of Cantieri di Sarnico to realize large yachts identified for the highest tradition, focusing attention on the quality of the hull, the absolute elegance, the care in the creation of an exclusive product tailored to the owner in its entirety, from the internal to external layout.

Artisanal method is the key of the successSarnico 60 GTV

Building boats with artisanal method it is the only way to offer the greatest attention to customer desires. The Sarnico 60 GTV has been produced interpreting the owner’s need to live intensely on board, turning the yacht into a place where managing even his own business. In this way, the work takes place in an atmosphere full of charm and probably in beautiful holiday destinations.

Sarnico 60 GTVThe main deck offers three wonderful areas

The long foredeck, which defines its exciting silhouette; the living room, which is protected by the stern sliding door and it can be open by the huge sunroof; the large stern living, which is a convivial area that can accommodate many people even in navigation, thanks to the aerodynamics shape of the deckhouse, which minimizes the air flow in the cockpit.

Below deck, all the rooms are very airySarnico 60 GTV

At the request of the owner of this yacht, the amidships cabin was transformed into a multimedia studio where meeting people and staying in touch with the rest of the world. The day bathroom is also accessible from this office. In the other versions, however, the master room is located in this area. The dinette is furnished with a sofa and a fully equipped kitchen for a long life on board even
counting on the huge galley under the cockpit.

Sarnico 60 GTVExcellent stability of the boat in any situation


At the bow there is the owner’s suite with private bath and plenty of space for the wardrobe. The quality of the craftsmanship, the elegant shapes of the furniture, the care of each finish are all the result of a long and noble art very difficult to find in a series production. The crew cabin is at the stern, clearly separated from other rooms by the engine compartment. The seaworthiness of all versions of the Sarnico 60 and many other boats of Cantieri di Sarnico, comes from the central position of the engine room where they are installed all systems and equipment. This configuration determines the excellent stability of the boat in any situation, as well at the anchor as in navigation.

Sarnico 60 GTV Of course, the trim and the performance take advantage by this engine layout. As the matter of fact, the hull gets on plane at 13 knots and at 15 knots each engine needs only 40 liters/hour of fuel. With twin 1000 hp Man, the Sarnico 60 GTV reaches a very high cruising speed: 34 knots. The noise levels in the saloon as well as the noise produced outside by the running of the boat at sea are very low. At full throttle, the maximum speed is 39 knots in total comfort and control.
Sarnico 60 GTV main Specifications:
Length overall 18,57 m
Beam 4,80 m
Dry displacement 23 t
Fuel capacity 2520 l
Water capacity 650 l
Engines 2 x 1000 hp
Persons on board 12
Cabin 3 + 1
Boat Design Category Ce B

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  1. Jeanneau
    Jeanneau dit :

    Quel design ! C’est vrai que la méthode artisanale est la meilleure pour obtenir un bateau qui respecte totalement les normes. Le chantier Jeanneau par exemple a débuté par une coque entièrement faite à la main et voyez où est ce qu’il en est actuellement !

  2. sophie
    sophie dit :

    oui la méthode artisanale est la plus efficace, je suis dans la rénovation des bateaux, je m’occupe particulièrement de l’extérieur j’ai du acheté sur le site une coque sony xperia z2 car j’ai trop fait tombé mon téléphone dans l’eau

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