SARGO 36: elegeant, safe and comfortable

Sargo 36The SARGO 36 reflects this rich heritage, but also represents a considerable advance for the yard. As the largest vessel that they have built to date, it arguably offers the finest on-board experience that they have created thus far.

When Edy Sarin founded the company that was to become Sargo Boats, Sargo 36he initially used his carpentry skills to construct yacht interiors for other shipyards. It wasn’t long, however, before he was to turn his hand to designing and building his own wooden vessels. As a result, Sargo Boats has become associated with a reputation for quality workmanship.

Sargo 36The deck space makes use of a safe, non-slip surface, enabling ease of movement around the boat. To the stern, an enhanced deck area creates the ideal gathering place.
In order to ensure that there is ample light within the interior of the Sargo 36vessel, a sliding hatch is present on the SARGO 36, providing three large windows. There is an efficient heating system, together with a microwave oven within the galley. Care has also been taken to provide plenty of storage space.

A variety of engine configurations are possible, with a double engine configuration enabling a top speed of 40 knots.


Sargo 36The SARGO 36 that we discovered at Boot in Düsseldorf last January 2015 is really elegant, safe and comfortable. These qualities are combined with impressive levels of performance, enabling the owner and guests to enjoy their time at sea. With quality interior finishes and a navigation station that makes for ease of movement, the SARGO 36 builds on the heritage of this well-established shipyard.

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Length overall: 11,80 m / 38.7 ft
Beam: 3,60 m / 11.8 ft
Draft: 1,10 m / 3.6 ft
Dry weight double engine: 8400 kg / 18520 lb
Berths (Front cabin / aft cabin): 2 / 3


Engine recommendation (Single): 400 hp
Engine recommendation (Twin): 2×300-400 hp
Top speed range: 28-40 knots
CE category: B-Offshore