QUEENSLAND 55: a low consumption motor yacht for long trips!


The QUEENSLAND 55 is a motor yacht built in the catamaran style, and has all the advantages of a catamaran, including stability, spaciousness, and comfort while sailing. With a low fuel consumption, this fantastic yacht is suitable for long trips as well as short pleasure jaunts. Choose Your Boat is pleased to invite you for an online guided tour, welcome on board!

Queensland 55Low consumption but high performance

With a length of 17.25 metres and a width of 7.80 metres, the QUEENSLAND 55 by Fountaine Pajot Motor Yachts has plenty of space for moving around or relaxing. The 1.10 metre draft ensures that you can cruise along happily in shallow water where a monohull boat would run aground. The engine is a Volvo 2×435 horsepower which allows you to reach a speed of 25 knots, or alternatively you can cruise along at 7 knots, using not more than 10 litres of fuel per hour.Queensland 55


Even when moving along at a steady clip, you will be impressed with how smooth this yacht feels. Comfort, as well as performance, is a hallmark of the QUEENSLAND 55, and with an impressive 3000 mile range, you can go wherever you please. You can cross the Atlantic Ocean with this yacht if you want, and the trip will likely be as comfortable as a short jaunt outside the harbour.


Cruise in perfect silence!

Queensland 55The QUEENSLAND 55 really shines when you compare its features to those of other motor yachts. The huge cockpit area allows for fantastic views of the ocean, and features a 200 litre refrigerator and seating for six guests. If you want to walk to another part of the yacht, you will find that the sideway is wide and easy to traverse comfortably and safely.


If you head to the back of the yacht, you will find the hatch that leads to the engine Queensland 55room. There is plenty of room to work on the engine, but at the same time the room is isolated from the rest of the boat, so that you will hear no noise as you cruise along in perfect silence. Near the engine hatch you will find a platform that you can step down onto if you’re going to swim, or for easier access to the dock.

Panoramic views

Queensland 55The QUEENSLAND 55 features a spacious saloon with a lounge area and a dinner table with seating for eight guests. Attached to the saloon is a large kitchen with a dishwasher, oven and microwave. Large windows ensure that you are treated to a view of your surroundings even when preparing food in the kitchen or eating your dinner.

Queensland 55There are two cabins on the port side of the saloon, both with their own bathroom and shower. The aft cabin is more spacious, and features a panoramic view from the wide window. The master cabin is located on the starboard side, and is equipped with every modern comfort.

Fantastic 30 square metre flybridge

Perhaps the most impressive feature of the QUEENSLAND 55 is the 30 square metre Queensland 55flybridge. With all the space available, as well as fantastic views and a separate galley with a refrigerator and sink, people lucky enough to find themselves on board this yacht will want to spend all the time they can up here.

Should you know more about the QUEENSLAND 55 by FOUNTAINE PAJOT, either enter your email on the pop-up of this screen, send an email to: Choose Your Boat or ask for a quote on: Fountaine Pajot web Site.


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