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Le nouveau MERRY FISHER 895 vient remplacer le Merry Fisher 855 lancé il y a environ 5 ans et qui a connu un énorme succès grâce à des innovations majeures comme la motorisation hors-bord, une première pour un bateau de 8 mètres, les cabines doubles indépendantes, associées à des passavants encastrés et une porte latérale. Le MERRY FISHER 895 conserve évidemment toutes ces innovations mais bénéficie aussi d’un certain nombre d’améliorations. Lire la suite »

The JEANNEAU 51 is a new boat that was designed around four main themes: fantastic spaces, an innovative layout below deck, autonomy and a style that fits in with the designs associated with other craft within the highly respected JEANNEAU YACHTS range.

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Welcome aboard the Outremer 4X, new for 2016. This is a performance version of the Outremer 45 which has sold nearly 30 units and has been developed in collaboration with Loïck Peyron, the boat’s sponsor. The 4X is lengthened, lightened and boosted with a larger sail area for true performance fans.
outremer 4xAccess to the cockpit is very easy from the transom platform. The boat’s length is increased here with 85cm platforms, which provide a large usable surface and easy access to the water. There is storage space on the sides and there are just two steps to get up to the cockpit.
The boat has well designed ergonomics, with an asymmetrical cockpit, access to the transom platform to starboard and just two steps to get to the helm. You can leave the cockpit table in place to allow children to play or eat. They won’t hinder maneuvers in the least. There is a winch here and a second there, even though all the control lines and halyards are accessible at the helm.

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L’OUTREMER 4X, nouveauté 2016 du chantier Outremer Yachting, est une version boostée de l’Outremer 45, déjà vendue à près de 30 exemplaires et mise au point avec la collaboration de Loïck Peyron, son parrain. C’est une version allongée, allégée et boostée, avec une surface de voilure plus importante pour les adeptes de performance. Lire la suite »