Oceanis 55.1: luxury, accessibility and the ease of use


The new Oceanis 55.1 fills perfectly the gap between the Oceanis and the Oceanis Yacht lines. A 55 foot vessel designed for the owner, luxury, accessibility and the ease of use that is the Beneteau universe.


Oceanis 55.1: Balanced and powerful

Oceanis 55.1The cockpit of the Oceanis 55.1 is one of the biggest cockpits on the market. Aft there is a huge bathing platform that is in fact the full width of the cockpit, with easy access to the sea. Very safe at anchor, but also very safe while sailing because the entire platform can be raised to completely close the cockpit, thus transforming the platform into a large and welcoming bench. The cockpit is completely closed, in no time at all. It is available as standard equipment, with the controls at the helm station, and also via remote control.


Dingy management is facilitated by the telescoping davits. They allow for a large dingy, up to 2 meters 40 in length, but also preserve the boat’s stylish lines when the dingy is stowed. So, the telescoping davits are extended when the annex is being used, and with the annex hoisted, it is possible to navigate in complete safety. When the annex is in the water, they can be retracted. That way they hinder neither the boat, nor bathing and the boat stays beautiful as well. When in the lowered position, at the transom, there is a cockpit shower with cold and hot water, making a rinse after a saltwater swim a snap.


On deck in the cockpit, at the helm stations, you’ll find plenty of storage and access to technical holds. So, under eachOceanis 55.1 helm station there are large storage lockers and technical access to the helms and to the rudder cables, as the boat is equipped with twin rudders. Next to the port helm is the gas tank locker, the life raft locker and a direct technical access to rudder cable adjustment and systems. So there is easy access to storage for fenders and mooring lines directly on the deck of the cockpit.

On the port side the boat can be equipped with a telescopic gangway which stows under the deck.

The Oceanis 55.1 is designed especially for owners with a small crew. Everything is accessible from the helm station for one person, both for sailing and for maneuvers in port. Under sail the boat is very simple to maneuver with the standard rigging, as there is a furling mainsail and a self-tacking jib. If you want to add a zero code, a spinnaker or a large Genoa, you have the Genoa winches directly accessible here, in a safe spot inside the cockpit, that doesn’t disturb the guests around the table. The large helm console, borrowed from the Oceanis Yacht 62, inspires confidence at the helm. It has a twelve-inch screen and handrails to each side that are very solid. Access to the winches for maneuvers is enhanced by an unique console. In fact, one can manage everything with the symmetrical electric winches. All engine and thruster controls are accessible either standing or seated and make for easy and safe maneuvering of the boat with excellent visibility forward and aft.


Oceanis 55.1

Access forward is by wide, secure side decks that have a much higher guardrail than on other boats. The boat has a large stainless steel bowsprit which accommodates the anchor but also the tack point for the code zero or asymmetric spinnaker. The self-tacking jib is standard equipment but you can also choose a 105% Genoa equipped with a manual or electric furler. There is an electric windlass and the possibility of adding a self-tacking stay sail when you have a 105% Genoa. The rigging is customizable to match each owner’s plans. The forepeak can be finished either as a large sail locker or a workshop, since you really have a nice volume inside. Plenty of space for your fenders and to store really everything you’d like. There is also direct access to the anchor well. There is also the option to finish the forepeak as a skipper’s cabin, with bunk beds, including of course a head, a shower, a sink and storage. For ease of operation on the Oceanis 55.1 standard equipment includes a furling main sail and a self-tacking jib. If one adds a code zero, it is the perfect combination for a boat that is easy to maneuver and very swift. But often clients have a different sailing plan and prefer a standard mast with a full batten sail, a lapped Genoa or a rolling furler boom.

Oceanis 55.1

The boat has many portholes to let a lot of light inside the boat, but they are also the signature of the Oceanis 55.1 with portholes that span the length of the roof, providing great visibility and light inside the boat. The glazing on the roof is flush and built-in, the large windows are the lateral signature that provide for great interior light and a very sporty look. The mainsail arch secures completely the cockpit and provides unobstructed visibility forward and all around the cockpit. The huge cockpit is equipped with a large, functional table and a small cockpit light. On each side of the cockpit, under the seats, there is a locker for the lines and as usual, a large storage locker with hydraulic cylinders to facilitate opening and a little feature to increase the comfort of the boat. While sailing, when the boat is heeled, all you have to do is fold this small cushion under the seat and one is comfortably and safely seated. You can see everything that’s happening. There isn’t a single line to bother you, thanks to the arch which places all the maneuvers at the back of the cockpit. It is perfect for a little nap.


On either side of the gangway there are two sun decks, better yet two watch stations. The spot is perfect when sailing at night. It is well protected, visibility is 360 °and thanks to the wifi integrated into the autopilot one can manage the boat with only a tablet. It is also the perfect spot to take a nap, under the bimini, as you can open all around to have fresh air but still be protected from the sun.


Oceanis 55.1: Luxurious and customizable


Oceanis 55.1The Oceanis 55.1 has the easiest, the biggest and the safest access to the interior. It has a large companionway hatch and above all, a staircase like at home, at 45 °, where one can step down into the boat without even holding on. Inside the boat, there is a lot of space and great volume, lots of light and also lots of possibilities for customization. Two, three or four cabins, two, three or four bathrooms; these are all standard options in the Oceanis line, also a choice of wood colors and finish, a choice of wood color variations and cabinet door finish. With the Premium service, Beneteau works on specific requests that correspond exactly to their needs: storage, different color flooring, a special type of cubby hole locker, etc.


To port there is a large galley that is very practical while sailing or at anchor. Even when the boat is heeled, one isOceanis 55.1 securely in place. There is all the necessary equipment for daily cooking, in any conditions: a double sink, a microwave, an optional dishwasher and of course, a lot of cold storage, with a 130 liter fridge. The top loading freezer is quite practical when sailing frequently and of course there is a three-burner stove. There is a lot of storage in the cabinets but also in the galley island where there are flatware drawers and two drawers for pots and pans below. Direct access to the galley is via the companionway. Only a few meters separate it from the cockpit, because on a boat one mostly eats outside to enjoy the sun and fresh air.


Oceanis 55.1To starboard is the owner’s office. Today this space is most often used as an office, but also to share photos, and of course for access to electrical systems and systems management on board in general. There is a swivel seat with exterior visibility, easily accessible from outside, form the cockpit… from anyplace on board. It’s a place where one can share navigational activity or photos, and spend time with family or as a couple.


The interior of the boat was designed to feel like home, with a large sofa, with lots of Oceanis 55.1storage, with lots of light and of course omnipresent sea views. Lots of light comes through the upper portholes and also from the sides. Almost everywhere on the boat, we have a view of the sea. So, there is a very comfortable sofa and to starboard, a saloon that allows you to watch TV and, when the weather is bad, to be able to eat inside comfortably.


Oceanis 55.1The forward cabin, in the owner’s cabin version, is bathed in light by the large hull portholes, the roof skylights and the two deck hatches to gaze at the stars. There is a lot of light, plenty of space, lots of customization options, with a separate shower and head. There is a lot of storage with large wardrobes to both port and starboard, the bed lifts to store luggage and for technical access. There is also storage under the floors. Oceanis 55.1The forward space is also available with two cabins and two bathrooms for large families or for charter companies. There is enough space for you to dress properly in front of the mirror, but also enough to customize the boat to suit your needs: a large wardrobe, a small office, a chest of drawers or a dressing table.

Oceanis 55.1There are two aft cabins with access to the day head to starboard. This allows for a large bathroom but also private access for the starboard cabin to the bathroom and shower. It is a large cabin with, once again, a lot of light. Even though it is an aft cabin, it’s a very spacious cabin where one really feels comfortable: a lot of storage throughout and private access to the bathroom and shower. In the rear cabins, on each side, you will find all the technical access for maintenance both for the engine and all that concerns electricity and generators. There is ample access to the technical areas which makes performing daily maintenance or even annual boat maintenance very practical. Engine access for cleaning is by the side cabins but can also be done thanks to the immense companionway. This access to the engine under the companionway is very practical. There is plenty of space for technicians to work easily and safely.


The Oceanis 55.1 is really the perfect link between the Oceanis and the Oceanis Yacht lines, the boat remains an Oceanis 55.1Oceanis but with the finish of a yacht, both in the choice of colors, materials, and the wood for the galley cabinetry. There are handrails everywhere to be able to hold on. It is possible to have the white lacquered cabinet doors as on the Oceanis Yacht 62, or cabinet doors with a darker border as on the Oceanis. The Oceanis 55.1, the perfect link between the Oceanis and the Oceanis Yacht worlds. A perfect boat for owners, a boat that can accommodate all your sailing plans, a highly customizable boat, a boat bathed in light


For more information about the Oceanis 55.1 by Beneteau (sea trail, brochure, quotation…), click here or send an email at chooseyourboat@gmail.com, we will be pleased to reply to you really shortly!

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