Navetta 58 by Absolute: Proud, Unique,Trendsetter


Navetta 58The unique look and style of the new Navetta 58 by Absolute Yachts drew our attention few days ago and we had the chance to get a full guided visit of this premiere with Patrizia Gobbi, General Manager.


 A 365 days a year boat!

Navetta 58


Manufactured by Italian company Absolute Yachts the Navetta 58 is a long range, luxury yacht designed with an eye towards style, strength, safety and comfort. At 17 meters long and 5 meters across the beam, the Navetta 58 is a versatile yacht with plenty of room to take on passengers and the legs to roam long distances.

Navetta 58

The height of the Navetta leaves plenty of headroom, and innovative design with the structure leaves more interior room than one might expect. Large windows throughout the cabins adds to the open feel of the interior.



The open space in cabin and passages, along with easy access from Navetta 58four different entry ways means passengers can safely move about the boat. Great visibility from helm to all access points and the engine room mean that the captain can spot the first sign of trouble and react in kind.

Performance and high capacity!

Navetta 58Absolute has begun to gain a reputation as using IPS for it’s power plant and the Navetta 58 is no exception. Coming in two engine size (the IPS600 and IPS 800) a buyer has choice of 435 HP or 620 HP. Both engine variants have IPS’s famous fuel economy and the IPS800 has a reported top speed of 29 knots. Cruising speeds of 18 knots will have the larger engine sipping diesel at a rate of about 42 gallons per hour. With a fuel capacity of 635 gal, the Navetta 58 can stay at sea for length voyages without the need to refill.


A real trendsetter!

Navetta 58

With an Italian interpretation of American engineering, the Navetta 58 has a genuinely unique look and style. From the teal green hull, tall verticals and the excellent mix of traditional and modern styling it sets itself apart. Different from the other ships in Absolute’s line, like the Fly and Express, it could be that Absolute wants this yacht to be a trendsetter. For those reasons, Choose your Boat really appreciated this new Navetta 58 and encourage you to visit Absolute at next boat shows.

A new Navetta 50 will be launched in 2015. Stay Tuned on Choose Your Boat