MERRY FISHER 795:  the next generation in weekender boats


We are delighted to introduce the all new Jeanneau MERRY FISHER 795. This boat replaces the Merry Fisher 755, which was a very successful model at more than a thousand boats produced. It retains the keel and the hull of the Merry Fisher 755 along with the outboard motors. The hull is well known for its handling at sea, its good stability and with a very high level of performance with the 150-200HP outboard motors. This new model MERRY FISHER 795 incorporates many of the innovations made last year with the 695, but this time, as a larger boat, it offers even more.

MERRY FISHER 795: dynamic and innovative


The MERRY FISHER 795 has a dynamic and elegant design. It really is the next generation in weekender boats. One illustration is the distinctive new window shape, with the goal being to bring even more light on board.
Merry Fisher 795

This new generation of boats creates the opportunity for family cruising. That’s why they are called « weekenders ».
The optional platforms is a swim platform with teak decking and it is flush with the boat’s aft deck.
The real advantage with this is to have safe and easy access on board, with the ladder perfectly built-in. The cockpit gate here, greatly facilitates boarding. Of course, when the gate is closed there is an extra seat set up here with a cushion.
The cockpit of the MERRY FISHER 795 is very large. The standard layout comes with a large bench along the back. Owners have, as an option, an additional module which is removable and turns the cockpit into a large, friendly, U-shaped saloon. The table can also be used to transform the U into an aft sun deck. The table is used as the support for an additional cushion. We see an innovation introduced on the Merry Fisher 695. This, easy to use, sliding bench makes it possible to free up the space necessary for the engine to be tilted up so the propeller is out of the water.

The advantage of this system is be able to use the bench even when the engine is raised. The other benefit of the sliding bench is that it leaves more space for movement from one platform to another. On each side of the engin compartment there are steps which also greatly facilitate movement between platforms. Between the cockpit and the interior is a three panel sliding door, which creates a wide opening and makes for free and easy movement on board. At the entrance to the cabin you’ll find the circuit breaker box which is very easy to access.Merry Fisher 795
Access to the aft deck is safe and easy thanks to the starboard catwalk which is of good width.

There is also a handrail along the length of the roof, and a bow rail, a high bow rail which is open at the bow to facilitate landings from the front when one is facing the dock.

The foredeck is flat to facilitate anchorage while the anchor well is very large and deep and can be equipped with an electric windlass to facilitate the raising of the anchor. On the foredeck, you can also equip this MERRY FISHER 795 with sun bed, which sets up two separate living areas; the aft cockpit with its sun deck and the foredeck as well, thus usiMerry Fisher 795ng all the space offered on the boat.

There are different engine options available. The 150HP outboard for a top speed of 29 knots and a cruising speed in excess of 20 knots. Or the 200HP for better acceleration, 32 knots top speed and a very comfortable cruising speed of 25 knots.

MERRY FISHER 795: cunning and comfortable

Inside the MERRY FISHER 795 you can see all the care Jeanneau has taken in designing this new model. Take for example the black dash board, it’s well designed, stylish, with an ergonomic instrumentation layout. The helm is the latest design, as are the pilots seats. We have also an optional black diamanté finish. This pilots seat folds forward to free up space on the kitchen counter. The standard kitchen is finished in white and is equipped with two sinks. A pressurized water system is standard and as an option, as is the case here, there is an ARPA type black finish with a fixed gas stove. Which means that outside there is a compartment for a gas tank. This option also includes two stainless steel cup holders. Merry Fisher 795, space and tranquillity for family cruises


So whatever the options chosen, there is storage to the rear of the kitchen, storage under the counter top, with a large cupboard and a separate compartment reserved for the electrical system. And just opposite, you can equip the boat with a 42 liter refrigerator. The refrigerator, cleverly installed under the dinette, frees up space in the kitchen.

In terms of storage, owners can take advantage of storage located here under the table, which uses as much of the space under the dinette as possible. There are also storage compartments under the floor.
The ergonomic dashboard design combines the GPS plotter, the engine instrumentation and it is also possible to equip the boat with a Fusion RA205 audio system that offers a Wi-Fi or Bluetooth connection for a mobile phone.
The saloon is large enough to accommodate four people facing each other for a meal. The advantage of the new window design, the downward slope in the windows, increases their size and provides more light, brings the window flush with the table and thus gives a better view of the sea. As a result, the side windows and the large one-piece windshield, without a central column, give the boat superb interior light. Ventilation is assured by the windows that open on both sides and in the ceiling there is a large opening sunroof.
Forward, to starboard and under the dashboard there is a toilet. Optionally, the closed toilet compartment can be equipped with a marine toilet and a black water tank for proper environmental protection. Forward again, there is a good sized forward cabin that offers a double berth with, again, plenty of storage. There are cubby hole lockers to the port side and shelving to starboard to store bags and personal affairs. Under the cushions there is a storage locker and a space to install a bow thruster that can significantly facilitate in-port maneuvering. Again in terms of berths, if one wishes to take advantage of additional berths, the dinette can be converted into a bed that can accommodate two children or one adult very comfortably. In this case the table is used as the support. It sits here on these white ledges and then one adds additional cushions. A simple transformation that takes just a few minutes.

Merry Fisher 795One of the extra features of the dinette, as always with the Jeanneau Merry Fisher line, is the co-pilot bench seat. It is very simple to use, as one just slides back the table a bit and pulls back the backrest in order to have a co-pilot’s bench facing the sea at the same height and level with the pilots seat. It’s easy for the comfortable bench to seat one adult, or even to share it with a child facing the sea, and to enjoy the ride with the pilot.
Luminous, the new MERRY FISHER 795 has adopted a sleek design, impressive and very lively thanks to the outboard engine.

For more details about the MERRY FISHER 795 (specifications, size, prices, etc), click here or contact us directly by email:

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