Merry Fisher 695 Marlin: a family-friendly fishing boat easily transportable


The Merry Fisher 695 Marlin by Jeanneau is available in two versions, one-door or two-door. One of the key features of the 695 is that it is slightly Merry-Fisher-695-Marlinnarrower than the 855. Its maximum width is under 2.55m, so the new Merry Fisher 695 Marlin is easily transportable by trailer. It is generously powered by a 175hp outboard motor.

Generous sized cockpit for the Merry Fisher 695 Marlin

Merry-Fisher-695-MarlinThe Merry Fisher 695 Marlin has a generously sized cockpit, which offers a high degree of comfort in the wheelhouse. The signature Merry Fisher sliding door is still in evidence, with an integral side deck flush with the floor of the cockpit, so there is no step up or down to the front cockpit. The dimensions of the 695 are very nearly the same as the 755, just slightly narrower.

The 695 features twin steering postions. In the main wheelhouse there is a lever which transfers control of Merry-Fisher-695-Marlinyour steering to the external, rear cockpit steering position which allows for direct access to your fishing while you are controlling your boat. At the stern there is also an option to have a good-sized, additional sundeck fitted. This is an unusual feature in a dedicated fishing boat, and means that you can use it for fishing most of the time, whilst allowing the family to enjoy themselves afloat when desired. The sundeck is supported on the table plus one extension.

Wide range of fishing equipment

Merry-Fisher-695-MarlinThe rear cockpit allows plenty of room and increased security when fishing. There is a safety rail and you can opt to have more rails fitted all around the cockpit, while still allowing access to the cutting board at the back. The bench doubles as a storage locker, and is fixed with easy-release screws, so can be moved to different positions to meet your needs. The fish well features a simple drainage mechanism so is easy to keep clean.

There is a wide range of fishing equipment which you can choose for the Merry Fisher 695 Marlin. Side Merry-Fisher-695-Marlinnet rollers can be fitted, and another option is a sea-water flush pump to clean the deck. There is integral rod storage for very long rods, up to 1.90m, and you have the option of a further rod holder to be fitted to the roof. You can also have a telescopic sun canopy fitted to protect you from the UV rays, whilst still affording you complete freedom of movenment around the cockpit while fishing.

Which version should be the best for you: one-door or two-door?

Merry-Fisher-695-MarlinThe Merry Fisher 695 Marlin has plenty of space for getting around the boat, there is a safe, deep, fully- integrated side deck. In the two-door version you have the advantage of direct access to the wheel house from the back of the boat. Inside the door there is a folding seat which can be used to continue your fishing whilst fully protected from the weather. The one-door version, on the other hand, offers more comfortable accommodation for 4-5 people and the option of an enclosed toilet compartment.

Family-friendly features unusual in a fishing boat include a folding table fixed to the cabin roof which can Merry-Fisher-695-Marlinbe lowered via a steel tube. The two seats rotate to face the table and there you have a comfortable, well-protected dining area. Other features include a fridge and a sink with tap and pressurised water system.

In conclusion, the new Merry Fisher 695 Marlin encapsulates a lot of nice features in a very transportable package. For further information about this model (technical specifications, prices, brochure, sea trial, dealer contacts…), please click here or send us an email to