Sun Odyssey 349, a Fantastic, Innovative and Spacious Ten-MeterYacht!


The new Sun Odyssey 349 by Jeanneau is really FANTASTIC! The Choose Your Boat team dicovered her in Cannes last March in Cannes during a sea trial, here is everything you should know! First, be aware that if you are looking for a new sailboat for family cruising, the Jeanneau Sun Odyssey 349 will meet your every requirement. Combining stability and performance with innovative design, this fantastic boat provides easy handling together with comfort, boasting many features traditionally only found on larger vessels.


Sun Odyssey 349Twin helms and running gear innovations


The Jeanneau Sun Odyssey 349 is a ten-metre (thirty-four foot) yacht with a large swim platform aft, and this is adjacent to two large lockers, one of which is for the lifeboat and the other for lines and fenders.  The cockpit is where you spend eighty per cent of your time on a boat, and the Sun Odyssey 349 caters for this by providing a spacious area containing seating and a generously-sized folding table.Sun Odyssey 349


The wide aft section has twin helms as standard, and each helm-station has a wheel, winch, electronic control panel and compass. The winch has the mainsheet and jib sheet coming back to it, making it very easy to control the boat from this point. The electronic control panel provides centralised management of the GPS, autopilot and instrumentation.


Jeanneau has proudly introduced to the Sun Odyssey 349 innovations utilised on race boats, dinghies and offshore vessels, and the first of these is the use of a wide bridle for the mainsheet, a system taken from the racing world. On a boat of this size there would normally be two pulleys but the problem with this is that the triangle they form can easily become distorted, making it very difficult to bring the boom back to the centre line.  With a Y-bridle, the distance between the lower block and the upper block is very slight and this allows much better control of the mainsail.


Sun Odyssey 349The second innovation is the use of friction rings for genoa sheet leads, usually seen on America’s Cup boats and offshore vessels, but here brought to a family cruising boat because due to its simplicity it allows for excellent trim of the sail. At the bow of the yacht there is an anchor locker with optional bowsprit that allows for easy use of a code zero or asymmetrical sail. The anchor locker is spacious, allowing plenty of room for the anchor and also the optional electric windlass. There is an offset anchor roller, which for boats without the optional bowsprit is straight.


A further innovation on deck is that there is no backstay whatsoever, thus instead of having swept back Sun Odyssey 349spreaders at twelve degrees, the spreaders are swept back at thirty degrees, providing incredible stability of the mast and allowing you to sail at all points of sail in all conditions. This also greatly improves the ergonomics of the cockpit, meaning there is nothing obstructing your back when sitting at the helm and has allowed the helm-stations to be pushed as far outboard as possible for greater visibility.


Spacious galley and saloon


Sun Odyssey 349The hull design incorporates positive sheer, resulting in a much higher deck-line in the middle of the boat. Classically the sheer-line is slightly curved from the bow towards the stern, such as in a Viking boat or other traditional vessels, but on the Sun Odyssey 349 the curve actually goes very slightly in the other direction, which creates substantially more volume in the centre of the boat, where you really want it, in the saloon. This ten-metre boat therefore has a very spacious saloon for its size.



The galley of the Sun Odyssey 349 is well equipped with high-end counter-tops, stainless steel sink, oven, grill, hob and refrigerator. There is also ample storage comprising upper cabinets, which include the possibility of microwave installation, drawers and lower cabinets that house a cutlery drawer, plenty of shelves, basket and rubbish bin. This is normally the type of galley you would find on a twelve-metre boat, so it is perfect for family cruising or sailing with friends.Sun Odyssey 349


The main saloon is extremely user-friendly, featuring comfortable seating around a table with two folding leaves that provides a very large surface area when fully opened and allows easy access to the forward cabin when folded down. The chart table is adjacent to the seating area and can be folded up to create extra room when dining, and beneath it is an optional freestanding seat that can be pulled out when required to enable six or seven people to be seated comfortably around the table.


Up to three cabins and generous head compartment


Sun Odyssey 349The forward cabin has a good-sized bed with innovative double doors that enable the cabin to have lots of light and ventilation, as well as creating a sense of spaciousness and ensuring a fully private cabin at night. The aft cabin also has a large bed, which is much more rectangular than you would find on previous generations, and this is due to the wider hull with the hard chine. Because there are no cockpit lockers on this side of the boat there is a lot more headroom, light and ventilation, with additional indirect lighting coming down the hull and a single door to provide night-time privacy.


On the opposite side of the boat to the aft cabin is the head compartment which contains the toilet, wash basin, fully separate shower with shower door, a hanging rail for wet towels or clothes and direct access through a door to the back sail locker that is also accessible from the cockpit via a hatch, this handy storage area usually only found on much bigger boats. The boat can optionally be fitted with a third cabin which would take the place of the sail locker, but allows you the unusual advantage of being able to have three cabins on a ten-metre boat.Sun Odyssey 349


The Jeanneau Sun Odyssey 349 has been designed with family cruising in mind but is incredibly versatile due to its sizeable cockpit and generous interior volume that is bursting with useful features.


The yacht is simple to use and has an easy sail plan, and you will find the high performance hull very stable underway, so all-round this is a great boat, particularly for its ten-metre size.


If you wish more information about the new Jeanneau Sun Odyssey 349 (brochure, quote, sea trial, meeting, rental), please click here or send us an email to

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    Показания к применению

    Заниматься самолечением запрещено, поскольку это приведет к непредвиденным опасным последствиям. Заболевание только усугубится, ведь препарат может навредить организму. Применяется медикамент для лечения пациентов с миелобластным и лимфобластным лейкозом, протекающим в острой или хронической форме. Специалист поможет определиться со схемой лечения, если Вы обратитесь к нему перед проведением терапии. Благодаря этому всевозможные риски и опасные последствия самостоятельного лечения будут исключены.

    Препарат разрешено применять не в каждой ситуации. Нужно отказаться от терапии, если Вы страдаете от таких проблем: • наличие аллергических реакций на компоненты, входящие в состав препарата; • нарушение функционирования нервной системы; • период лактации и беременности; • проблемы с сердцем, риск инсульта; • возраст моложе 18 лет. О Ponaxen 45mg (Понатиниб) – Понаксен (Ponatinib) – аналог ICLUSIG/ИКЛУЗИГ 45мг отзывы в основном положительные, а прочесть их можно на разных медицинских форумах. Сходите в поликлинику перед тем, как начать принимать препарат. У Вас возьмут нужные анализы и определят схему лечения.
    Способ применения

    На Ponaxen 45mg (Понатиниб) – Понаксен (Ponatinib) – аналог ICLUSIG/ИКЛУЗИГ 45мг цена указана в каталоге нашей аптеки. Один раз в день достаточно принять 45 мг этого лекарства. Лечение продолжают, пока не исчезнут проявления заболевания. Специалист будет наблюдать за Вами в период терапии, чтобы не допустить ухудшения самочувствия. В случае необходимости он отменит препарат или изменит его дозировку.
    Побочные явления

    Препарат может стать причиной возникновения таких побочных эффектов: • высокое давление; • упадок сил и головокружение; • возникновение проблем с желудком; • появление сыпи на коже; • боли в мышцах при движении. На Ponaxen 45mg (Понатиниб) – Понаксен (Ponatinib) – аналог ICLUSIG/ИКЛУЗИГ 45мг стоимость уточняйте у наших консультантов. Чтобы не столкнуться с негативными реакциями со стороны организма, принимайте препарат по разработанной специалистом схеме. Благодаря этому медикамент принесет организму исключительно пользу.

    [url=]Ponaxen 15mg (Понатиниб) – Понаксен (Ponatinib) – ПОЛНЫЙ аналог ICLUSIG | ИКЛУЗИГ 15мг[/url]

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