Jeanneau 64: a 100% Sailing Superyacht Style!

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The Jeanneau 64 is Jeanneau’s flagship. It was designed by a team of leading industry figures including Andrew Winch, Philippe Briand and a professional chef.

This is an elegant, luxurious boat designed for individuals who are looking for a top of the range yacht. As well as being a beautiful boat it is also an extremely practical boat. The interior and exterior of the Jeanneau 64 are spacious, provides plenty of light and has easy-to-operate equipment. All of these key features make this boat a great place to cruise and live in. Welcome on board for a comprehensive guided tour!

Elegant, spacious, multi-purpose deck and exterior area

Jeanneau 64

Most boat owners spend up to 80% of their time on the deck of their boat. The deck of the Jeanneau 64 is spacious with easy-to-use equipment. This makes it easyto navigate and maintain. Almost half of the length of the boat is dedicated to living on deck. It is the perfect place to relax, cook, fish, sunbathe, eat and entertain guests.

It has a flat foredeck designed by Philippe Briand which is not typical on smaller boats. This means it is less restrictive than other boats because the fore-deck becomes usable space where you can sit and sunbathe.

The Jeanneau 64 has a large, luxurious deck space. Its deck is the ideal place to relax, cook, eat and Jeanneau 64entertain. It has all of the fixtures and fittings expected on the deck of a modern high-end yacht including a sink, full size fridge, grill, outdoor cooking space and two symmetrical dining tables. The cockpit has a spray hood to protect those on-board from the sun, wind, cold and rain. It also has a windscreen with built-in lighting for better viewing while cruising. The deck of the Jeanneau 64 has many high-end features and automated equipment.

Jeanneau 64The main features which make this boat easier to operate include the following:

  • Main sheet arch which means there are no lines in the forward area of the boat or other sail handling equipment in the way,
  • Automatically operated winch for the mainsheet,
  • Pivoting anchor rolling system,
  • Storage area beside the anchor roller,
  • Electric furler as standard,
  • 2nd furler with self tacking jib,Jeanneau 64
  • Direct access to sail locker,
  • Stern thruster,
  • Captive winch which provides push-button function for the mainsheet at the helm,
  • Multi touch GPS screen and radar,
  • Centralisation sail handling,
  • Tensioning system for the halyards,
  • Halyard winch. This winch avoids having large amounts of line in the cockpit.

Generosity of space below deck

Jeanneau 64The Jeanneau 64 is designed by a team of professional designers to maximize the space available on this boat. Andrew Winch has also managed to design it with meticulous attention to detail, quality and style so thatcruisingand living on this boat is an extremely comfortable and enjoyable experience.

Jeanneau’s concept of ‘generosity of space’ means everything is not just bigger but includes a lot more storage above and below deck. The Jeanneau 64’s cabins, galley, saloon and raised flooring provide a huge amount of storage and space-saving features.

A professionally designed galley and dedicated work area make it easier to cook, eat,Jeanneau 64 drink and work on this boat. The spacious galley is positioned in a fixed, open and easy-to-work-in location. This galley was designed by Andrew Winch with the help of a professional chef. This combination means it’s easy to access and make the most of the space available. There is enough space for two people to work in the galley.

Jeanneau 64The Jeanneau 64 has a range of integrated appliances every boat needs including a full sized Miele dishwasher, microwave oven, extractor fan, large fridge with two freezerdrawers, range top and oven. Other important features include a large pantry and easy to access drawers.

For many the cabins are the most important part of a boat. Two forward cabins, a lateral Jeanneau 64cabin and the option of an Aft or forward owners cabin have an ample amount of storage and space saving features. Each of the forward cabins, Aft cabin and forward owners cabin have large berths with storage underneath, storage above, a large
hull port, lots of overhead opening hatches anda large hanging locker and large drawers.

The lateral cabin on this boat has an upper and lower berth with plenty of storage and an integrated washer and dryer. A door leading from this cabin to the engine room gives easy access to the engine, compressors, pumps and other important components that may need to be fixed or maintained.

Each Jeanneau 64 has a spacious saloon area built with high end materials. Light woods, leather and stainless steel fixtures such as handrails give the interior a nautical, yet contemporary feel. A fixed table and large amount of seating area makes it the perfect place to eat and entertain when you don’t want to be up on deck.

Customised options 

Jeanneau 64The Jeanneau 64 can be customised at a production boat price rather than a customised boat price. It gives the owner a variety of different engineering choices, technical options and other customisations such as numerous combinations of fabrics, woods, leathers and other interior and exterior layouts.  The bar area can also be customised to suit different requirements.


Finally, anyone purchasing this boat has a choice between an Aft cabin or forward ownersJeanneau 64 cabin depending on their preference. The Jeanneau 64 is a high-end option for those who enjoy cruising and living on the open sea. It is the perfect solution for those who want to cruise in style in a spacious, highly customisable boat that includes all of the high-end features expected in modern yachts and super Yachts!


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