HANSE 675: a pure luxury yacht comes soon!

Hanse 675The all new HANSE 675 super yacht incorporates both progressive design and innovative technologies, along with an impressive range of equipment options. The elegant classic lines of this 67 foot super yacht merge perfectly with its sporty appearance bringing versatility, performance and on board luxurious comfort to a whole new level. Although the 675 is a large yacht it has been designed in such a way to allow ease of handling, even with a small crew, something that has become synonymous with Hanse yachts.


Hanse 675

The stunning cutting edge design of the 675 is setting the course for the next generation of Hanse yachts. Characterised by sleek structures the HANSE 675 has a large panoramic sliding roof in the saloon, letting in light and air at the touch of a button, and a more than ample 24 large sized hull windows, which combined allow an incredible amount of light to enter down below.


Due to the large number of window and skylights, the completely new design loft inspired interior with modern round forms is exceptionally light and spacious which creates a generous sense of airiness. Both the footprint and the headroom below deck are unique for a yacht of this size.



Hanse 675

A new milestone has been reached. The hull moulds of the new HANSE 675 have arrived at the production halls in Greifswald. The dimensions leave a lasting impression. With an overall length of 20.95 m and a width of 5.90 m, it gives an insight into the super yacht’s final dimensions. The size of the finished 675 is also becoming abundantly clear, even at this stage, as for the first time in the 25-year history of Hanse, the hull mould alone takes up the maximum hall size, leaving just a few meters to spare. The vision is now becoming a reality; over the next few days, the lamination process on the first hull will commence.


Should you know more about the HANSE 675, please send an email to Choose Your Boat right now!


Hanse 675 Specifications :

Hanse 675

LOA : 20.95 m | 68´7˝

Hull length : 20.50 m | 67´2˝

LWL : 18.70 m | 61´3˝

Beam : 5.90 m | 19´4˝

Draft : 2.60 m – 3 m | 8´5˝ – 9´8˝

Displacement : 32.000 t

Ballast : 9.300 kg

Engine D3-150 : 107 kW / 146 HP

Fresh water : 1.000 l

Fuel tank : 1.200 l

CE Certificate : A

Mast length above WL : 31 m I 101´7˝

Main sail : 138.20 m² | 1.487 sq ft

Self-tacking jib : 99 m² | 1.065 sq ft

Genoa 105% : 115 m² | 1.237 sq ft

Gennaker : 286 m² | 3.078 sq ft

Rig I: 27.37 m | 89´8˝ ; J: 7.92 m | 26´0˝ ; P: 26.24 m | 86´1˝ ; E: 8.85 m | 29´0˝

Design : Judel / Vrolijk & co

Interior : HanseYachts Design

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