Glastron: a passion for boats


GlastronThe Glastron brand represents an American icon, offering a boat line that is both accessible and reflective of an incredible design legacy. Established more than 60 years ago, Glastron is all about bringing a passion for boats to market.glastronGT240

Buyers often see themselves not as boat owners, but as drivers. This is a brand that is synonymous with positive, modern lifestyle traits.

Designs are typified by sleek lines and a signature roadster look, with GlastronGT180full size windshields. Interior elements are of high quality, heavily influenced by the very latest design trends.

Famed for attention to detail, Glastron boats also take into account practicalities: easy to clean flooring, generous upholstery and a focus on ergonomics are all central to Glastron designs.

Each and every Glastron design provides an American boat, effortlessly exceeding buyer expectations. The driving experience is also central to all boats within the range. The lightweight construction, combined with powerful GlastronGT205engines as standard, ensures that the driver is able to enjoy a thrilling driving experience at all times.

Glastron is associated with a bold vision of what boat ownership should be about. Comfort is combined with the thrill of owning boats that offer a joyful recreational experience. Reflecting classic American design traits, they draw upon the very latest developments, allowing drivers to reach a new level of enjoyment.

For more information about the Glastron range (sea trial, brochure, specifications…) we invite you to send an email at, we will be pleased to reply to you really shortly!

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