FUTURA Yacht: adjust the width of your cata! 

futura yacht systemsThe introduction of innovative FUTURA Yacht Systems holds out the possibility of transforming the sailing industry. The designers have examined the requirements of those who wish to own a yacht that provides ample space, but who are also looking for a more compact version when navigating inland waterways. The solution, which involves combining both options within a single vessel, is truly impressive.


Stable, safe and customdesigned catamaran

futura yacht systems

The boats have the level of stability that owners have come to expect, bringing together performance with all of the key elements of comfort. But the adjustable width of the catamaran ensures that a plethora of opportunities are opened up, allowing docking at standard width berths.

futura yacht systemsWhen at sea, the vessel has a width of almost 8 metres, which enables a stable platform to be created, dramatically reducing the risk of capsizing. If water does enter the boat, then sections of the hull can be closed off, as required, limiting the impact of any flooding as a result.

Safety has been a key futura yacht systemsconsideration within the design, which helps to explain why there are absolutely no obstacles within the living area that might otherwise provide trip hazards. With maximum protection against falling overboard too, every care has been taken to ensure that crew and passengers are kept safe at all times.


Comfortable and familyfriendly


futura yacht systemsOne of the advantages of the obstacle-free design is that FUTURA yachts are wheelchair friendly. In addition, a dedicated recreational area within the pod guarantees a safe environment in which young children can play. All of these elements contribute to the flexibility that boat owners understandably demand.

The overall sailing experience is improved by the use of central unitsfutura yacht systems and tanks, which act to reduce the impact of pitching, ensuring that life on-board is more relaxing as a result. The vessel also boasts a light interior, making use of extensive windows. Thought has been given to noise levels too, with machines being separated from the living area, in order to keep disturbance to an absolute minimum.


A FUTURA yacht provides flexibility, ensuring that there really are no limits. With the capacity to store up to 2,000 litres of diesel and a shallow draft, meaning that it’s possible to land on a range of beaches, a FUTURA yacht introduces a new, improved experience for yachting enthusiasts.

For more information about FUTURA Yacht Systems, you can either visit the FUTURA stand during the International Multihull Boat Show in La Grand Motte from April 13 to 17 in South of France or send an email at chooseyourboat@gmail.com, we will be pleased to reply to you really shortly!

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