Dufour 360 Grand Large: a new highly versatile sailboat


The Dufour 360 Grand Large takes a very important place, because the 35-foot market segment has always been very important at Dufour Yachts. They are versatile boats for both family and short-handed sailing, but also for performance enthusiasts.

Dufour 360 Grand Large: Performance and stability

Dufour 360The most significant innovation on the Dufour 360 Grand Large is its new deck layout which is suited to all types of sailing. And also, the new hull, which was of course redesigned to fit the new deck.

It was also important for Dufour Yachts to maintain the design principles, including on board security which starts with a level transom that also optimizes on board space. The much taller transom provides enough space to build in a large rear platform, in relation to the size of boats in this segment.

The enclosed cockpit provides space for the famous and nowDufour 360 indispensable transom sink and grill. It’s definitely something original on a 35 or 36-foot boat. Once the grill is closed, the covers create additional aft seating and a secure cockpit. The transom gate, held up by a hydraulic cylinder which is in itself a safety feature, doubles as seating to completely close the aft deck.

The column style and ship’s wheel are really different from what we usually see on a Grand Large. We find the typical high-performance columns which obviously were not chosen only for their aesthetic, but also to maximize space in the cockpit. Both at the helmsman’s feet and also in relation to seating space. The bench seats are 20 cm longer compared to the previous Dufour 350 Grand Large.

Dufour 360A second feature is the choice of instrumentation on the navigation consoles. There is a console on both sides: on the port side, along with the space for optional equipment, there is the wind vane, navigation information and the compass, and to starboard, there is all the equipment related to the engine, the autopilot, the tachometer and the starter.

The roof of the Dufour 360 Grand Large is new and totally redesigned, Dufour 360it is wider and with slightly narrower side decks, which the interior space takes great advantage of. The roof design is very clean with a new housing that hides all the halyards and sheets and also has a spray hood coaming. There are features from boats in the high-end segments like the forward roof porthole. This porthole brings a lot of light into the owner’s cabin. On the fore decks there is also a windshield and a lot of portholes which let a lot of light inside the boat.

The inclined boom is at a very convenient height to easily lower the sail. The long mast, an option with previous pricing, is now standard. The jib tracks are also standard, while the self-tacking jib option is also available for maximum ease of use for less performance-oriented sailors.

Dufour 360 Grand Large: New design for some more of user-friendliness

Dufour 360The Dufour 360 Grand Large benefits from a new interior design. There is a new teak finish designed to be both warm and not too dark. The new linings in Grey Soft Touch fabric also enhance the interior lighting. The floors are made of solid oak, v-grooved solid oak, unusual on a 36-foot boat and the new upholstery which is the result of the enormous amount of work done on the seats and includes stitched finish detailing.

We will find the traditional chart table with a comfortable sit, a L-Dufour 360shaped galley with a kitchen sink, a corian worktop, an oven and lots of storage spaces, and finally a saloon with a flip-over table and sits for 6 persons.

Dufour 360

The very bright and well insulated front cabin provides a double bed, a mirror and lots of storage spaces. Two portholes bring it a lot of light.


Dufour 360



The second cabin provides also a double-berth and storage spaces. You can also choice a layout with three cabins. The bathroom is equipped with a corian counter top, a new ceramic basin, new fixtures and an electric toilet.


For more information about the Dufour 360 Grand Large (sea trial, brochure, quotation…), click here or send an email at chooseyourboat@gmail.com, we will be pleased to reply to you really shortly!

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