AK 650: a revolutionary boat driving with a Kite!


The Breton shipyard Armorkite presents the AK 650, a revolutionary liveable boat pulled by an inflatable kite. Both sporty and secure, it adapts to all types of output.

A maneuverable boat with impressive performance

AK 650This revolutionary 6,50 m boat has no keel or mast and only a 7cm draft. Kite propulsion makes it possible to reach unheard of speeds: 19 knots in 25 knots of wind. The whole family can come along, as the boat easily seats up to 6 people. You can sail around safely at speeds of 5 to 10 knots, towed by a kite.




It has 4 berths, including a large berth forward and two coffin berths. A small outboard engine makes it easy to go out to sea and return toAK 650 port. This 6-horsepower model can be driven without a boat license.





AK 650


With its 7 cm of draft, there is no need for a buoy or an anchor, it’s possible to beach the boat directly to enjoy the sun and the day.

This is both a high performance and a very safe boat. You can spend time on board with family and children, because the boat does not heel. The maximum heel angle is 15%.

An ideal navigation comfort for family outings

AK 650Armorkite proposes several wings for this boat. For beginners, to learn how to handle the wing with confidence, there is a 8m2 wing. For experienced kite sailors there is a large and powerful 25m2 wing, that can reach impressive speeds.

Unlike conventional boats, the AK 650 can accelerate very quickly, especially when coming out of turns, jibing or coming about.



AK 650

With the AK 650 it’s possible to kite sail as a team: one person manages the kite, the other the helm. The kite attaches to the deck with two back lines, two forward lines and a fifth line. To begin, the kite gets inflated. Once inflated all the lines are pulled tight. Then the kite goes into the water and laid out, then the kite is launched, and the fun begins.

The kite handler sits and directs the back lines, in a safe position, using two blocks. The seated position is perfect for beginners, because it allows you to concentrate on the kite alone.



On this model you have two asymmetrical daggerboards, which can be raised or lowered very easily. Armorkite offers a second model with aAK 650 standard retractable centerboard.

The kite lines are controlled by an electric winch, which allow the kite to fly at up to 50 meters. On the boat there are three control systems: one for the forward lines, one for the back lines and one for the fifth line called the « safety », which releases the kite in case of heavy wind or any problem, and brings it safely back on board.

The AK 650 is a very innovative boat. It’s not sailing, it’s not kite-surfing, it’s kite-sailing. Kite-sailing is a new and unique water sport experience.

For more information about the AK 650 by Armorkite (sea trial, brochure, quotation…), click here. You can also send an email at chooseyourboat@gmail.com.


Stephanie Geslin

Leader 36 Cockpit Lounge : la nouveauté 2020 signée Jeanneau


Leader 36 Cockpit LoungeLe chantier Jeanneau vous présente la nouvelle version du Leader 36 : le Leader 36 Cockpit Lounge. Ce modèle vous séduira grâce à un aménagement encore plus convivial avec un nouveau plan de pont et une nouvelle décoration de coque particulièrement élégante.

Cette innovation Jeanneau donne priorité à l’espace de vie. Sur la version classique du Leader 36, le bain de soleil arrière est permanent. Sur la version Cockpit Lounge, l’arrière du salon de cockpit, très spacieux, peut se transformer en bain de soleil.

Leader 36 Cockpit Lounge


Il suffit pour cela d’abaisser le dossier arrière. Vous pourrez agrandir cette zone bain de soleil en basculant le dossier latéral, en faisant coulisser un caisson et en ajoutant un coussin supplémentaire.

Cette conception originale permet de disposer d’un grand bain de soleil tout en conservant la convivialité du carré. Sa mise en place très simple optimise l’espace de vie à bord en un clin d’œil.

En constante évolution, la gamme Leader propose cette année, sur l’ensemble de ses modèles, outre le noyer, une nouvelle teinte de bois élégante et moderne : le chêne clair.


Leader 36 Cockpit Lounge


L’aménagement intérieur du Leader 36 Cockpit Lounge reprend les atouts de la version classique. Les généreux volumes peuvent notamment, grâce à un système de porte à galandage, se transformer en deux cabines fermées.



Si vous souhaitez avoir plus d’informations sur le Leader 36 Cockpit Lounge de Jeanneau (tarifs, brochures, essai …), cliquez ici. Vous pouvez aussi contacter directement l’équipe de Choose Your Boat en envoyant un email à chooseyourboat@gmail.com.


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Activ 605 Cruiser by Quicksilver: the compact boat for family cruises


The Activ 605 CR is the most compact model of the Cruiser range. Length overall is at 6m, width is at 2.34m and the maximum engine power is 150 Mercury horsepower.

The design is sportive and elegant and Quicksilver has done its best to optimize the deck layout. Let’s go check it out !

The portside steps make it easy to access the bow or cockpit. This also leaves plenty of central space for the large cabin sliding door.

The bimini is easily stored in its dedicated space without having to dismount it, with its dedicated locker.

The cabin is ideal to relax or change your clothes during the day. Thanks to the two hatches, the cabin can always be lit and ventilated. You also have the cabin refrigerator. The cabin has a double berth that easily sleeps 2 persons.

For more information about the Activ 605 CR by Quicksilver (sea trial, brochure, quotation…), click here or send an email at chooseyourboat@gmail.com, we will be pleased to reply to you really shortly!

Article by Stephanie Geslin

Allures 40.9: an elegant and high-performance cruising sailboat


Hello and welcome aboard the Allures 40.9 from Allures Yachting. The Allures 40.9 is the third generation 40-foot sailing yacht from Allures Yachting. The Allures 40.9 takes full advantage of owner feedback from the previous two generations which have sailed the seven the seas for the last 15 years.

Designed for blue water cruising

Allures 40.9

This blue water cruising sailboat has a full aluminum hull and centerboard. The aluminum hull inspires confidence whether sailing on the open ocean or in poorly charted waters. The centerboard makes for easy access to the most protected anchorages, with a draft reduced to just over one meter. This centerboard is also well known for comfort and safety at sea. The boat is designed for blue water cruising with onboard comfort adapted for long voyages.

A wide transom platform was designed to facilitate access to the water. The deep swim ladderAllures 40.9 has comfortable rungs. There are lockers on each side, the one to starboard can store diving accessories such as fins, masks or air tanks.

The rear arch of the Allures 40.9 was designed to make maneuvering the dingy easy, even with the outboard attached. It also serves as support for technical equipment such as solar panels, wind turbines or even iridium antennas.

One of the important features of the Allures 40.9 is the storage locker for the outboard, which is very useful during crossings or offseason storage.


Optimized circulation and maneuvers

Allures 40.9There are two helm stations aboard the Allures 40.9 for easy access to the sea and also, to position the helm stations for the best visibility while sailing. These helm stations are equipped with instrument pods, which allows clients to customize the instrumentation.

From the helm station there is easy and simple access to the genoa winch for solent or staysail adjustments. In addition to the storage space in the technical room and on the transom, the cockpit has a large locker on the port side and lockers under each the helm station bench.

On a blue water cruising boat, all maneuvers are done in the cockpit from one of the two cockpit winches, including all sail adjustments such as reefing the staysails and the three mainsail reefs.

The Allures 40.9 has a bowsprit with three functions: the first is to place the anchor far enough forward for a secure and comfortableAllures 40.9 anchorage, the second is to be able to connect the gennaker when at higher speeds and the third function is to have a fairlead at the far end of the bowsprit for mooring on a buoy, which again is more comfortable.

The anchor well is deep enough to hold 80 meters of anchor chain and the bowsprit can easily carry a 20 or even 25 kg Rocna or Delta anchor.

Moving around on the deck of the Allures 40.9 is easy, comfortable and reassuring thanks to the wide side decks, the solid handrails on the roof and dodger as well as the lifelines.

The Allures 40.9 can be equipped with cutter rigging, which is a big advantage for blue water cruising, with furlers for both the solent and the staysail. This makes for a sail configuration that can adapt to all types of weather conditions.

Neat design and comfortable equipment

Allures 40.9Lets have a look inside the Allures 40.9, a boat designed to be modern, elegant and seaworthy. A seaworthy boat is, above all, a boat with many, easy to reach handrails so that crew and passengers can easily hang on. There is easy access to the various technical equipment, such as the engine. The chart table, facing forward, has all the navigation instruments right at hand. It is also open to the saloon, which makes the cabin a friendly and social area on board.

Whether seated or standing, there is a panoramic view of the outside. The natural light streams in through the different portholes, side and hull windows and hatches. Inside the Allures 40.9, the five deck hatches and five opening portholes ensure abundant natural ventilation.

The U-shaped galley, overlooking the saloon, is also well ventilated and has a panoramic view of the outside. You have access to a refrigeratorAllures 40.9 with two drawers, a 2 burner stove and oven, a sink and access to the trash. There is also plenty of storage space for cookware and provisions.

Directly linked to the galley, the saloon is welcoming and bright. There is a choice between two moods to fully enjoy your life on board.

For large dinner parties, the saloon can accommodate up to 8 people. The centerboard housing is in the center of the saloon, making access and system verifications easy.

The custom designed interior is modern, highlighted by discreet Led lighting and functional upper storage. As everywhere on the boat, inside the storage spaces there are removable backings that allow for access to technical areas.

To starboard and aft of the Allures 40.9 is the technical room. This storage area offers easy access to technical and safety equipment, and gear. To aft of the technical room, there is access to the lazaret, the autopilot and the helm mechanism. The space to port is setup for an optional generator or a washing machine. Still to starboard and aft, there is a head with a separate shower and wet storage, toilet, sink and storage space.

Allures 40.9The forward owners cabin has a large double bed and plenty of storage space. The three deck hatches and the two hull portholes provide ample light and ventilation. This boat is available in two layouts with two or three cabins and one or two heads.

Thank you for coming along with us for this visit of the Allures 40.9, a true blue-water cruising sailboat. We hope to have inspired you to follow up with a visit to the Allures Yachting shipyard. Coming to see us gives you the opportunity to configure a boat to your sailing program and see first-hand our high-quality production techniques. See you soon at Allures Yachting.

For more information about the Allures 40.9 by Allures Yachting (sea trial, brochure, quotation…), click here. You can also send an email at chooseyourboat@gmail.com.


Stephanie Geslin