International Multihull Boat Show 2016: more than 60 multi on display !

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Within few days, in La Grande Motte will take place the famous International Multihull Boat Show from the 13th to the 17th April. This unique and high quality event is 100% dedicated to Multihulls which is the main reason of its success! Welcome on board of the seventh edition which will display the latest and most prestigious catamarans and trimarans in the multihull world (more than 60 multihulls). The organisation expects about 20.000 attendees!



Pending your visit in La Grande Motte (in south of France near the Montpellier airport), we are pleased to introduce you our selection of some exhibitors of catamarans and trimarans, we recommand you to visit.

Should you be interested in getting an appointement or more information, please feel free to send an email to Choose Your Boat.

PRIVILEGE MARINE: Double World Premiere

Privilege série 7


Privilege Marine is very pleased to exhibit  2 new PRIVILEGE as World Premiere. The Privilege SERIE 6 (64′) is the new model in the Privilege range 100% made by Privilege Marine. The Privilege SERIE 7 (75′), as the flagship of the range, is an evolution of the Privilege 745.





New Outremer 4X will be unveiled with Loïck Peyron as official partner


Outremer is already a leader on the market of performance cruising catamarans. It could not miss the opportunity to offer a racing version of the successful Outremer 45’, launched in July 2014. 20+ boats sold in less than 16 months show how this successor of the well-known Outremer 45’ meets her audience !

The Outremer 4X, with lots of carbon and induced weight savings, extended transoms and more sail area will definitely raise the performance to a high level in this range of catamaran. Keeping the highest standard for accommodation layout was also among the aims of this new model, allowing keen racers and non-sailors to enjoy the 4X experience !

First hull of the 4X was launched this week. And it will premiere at the International Multihull Boat Show of La Grande Motte on the 13th of April. Sponsored by one of the most rewarded multihull sailor over the world in the last decades!

LEOPARD CATAMARANS: Five models on the water!


Leopard 43 PCThe Leopard 40, Leopard 44 and Leopard 48 sail cats in addition to the Leopard 43 PC and Leopard 51 PC power catamarans will be on display at the show!


The LEOPARD 43 PC is a catamaran that is pushing the boundaries of yacht design. Constructed by Robertson &Caine, it is an upgrade on the Leopard 39 Powercat.

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BALI CATAMARANS: World Premiere on the water for the BALI 4.0 Lounge


Discover the range BALI Catamarans (again) enlarged !!

World Premiere for the BALI 4.0 Lounge at the International Multihull Boat Show!

More information

You can now tour online one of the major last model:  the the BALI 4.3 Loft Motor Yacht in English.


ExploCat 52: the new aluminum catamaran by GARCIA YACHTING

Recognized  for their epexertise in ocean-cruising yachts with more than 300 units sailing over the world, Garcia Yachting expand its offer by launching a new catamaran model with aluminum structure and composite coach-roof: the Explocat 52.

Developed from a close cooperation between the architect Pierre Delion and Garcia Yachting, the Explocat 52 is a seaworthy, sturdy and comfortable boat, designed for long distance cruising.

Class 4 by O-Yachts: a real customisable catamaran

The O-Yachts team will have the pleasure to introduce you their custom range of catamarans. They are secure, fast, spacious and easy to sail.

NAUTITECH OPEN 46: A Première at La Grande Motte


Nautitech Open 46Bavaria will introduce you the first NAUTITECH OPEN 46, designed for people who love travelling on the sea. Comfortable and spacious, this model becomes a perfect sailing performance and seagoing hulls.



AVENTURA: come and discover 2 models: the 33 and 43


Aventura will introduce you two boats: Aventura 33 and Aventura 43. Pending your visit at the boat Show, tour online te Aventura 33 to discover this interesting brand: 

FOUNTAINE PAJOT: Discover 4 exceptional models


The Motor Yacht MY 37 and 3 sailboats : the Lucia 40 (the new elegant catamaran 2016), the Victoria 67 and the Saba 50. You can visit the Saba 50 right now on our video:



The International Multihull Boat Show is the place to be to compare, select, test and choose your catamaran or trimaran so we wish you a great trip in La Grande Motte. We would be pleased to deliver you further information about the event. We can also support you arranging appointments with shipyards there.

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Bali 4.3 MY: Successful Bet for the 1st Motor Yacht

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BALI 4.3 MYFor those looking for a thoroughly modern craft that is at the cutting edge of yacht design, the Bali 4.3 MY is an ideal choice. This is a motor yacht, made in France, that makes use of many developments that are associated with sailing vessels, but manages to improve upon them, allowing you to benefit from something that is impressive in its appearance and performance.




A high performance motor yacht


As with any great yacht, the key to the success of the Bali 4.3 MY is to be found in its ability BALI 4.3 MYto combine those performance levels with the comfort and safety measures that are rightly required by owners. This is a craft that is able to offer a relaxing and secure environment.

The innovative design includes a large central platform that is completely free of any bulkheads. Accessed via a retractable glass door, it opens up to reveal a space that is spacious and perfect for entertaining, boasting eye-catching panoramic views.

Exploring the interior of the BALI 4.3 MY



The interior makes use of high quality materials and reflects contemporary interior design techniques, complete with sleek lines and a very modern feel. Numerous windows ensure that every area of the boat benefits from natural light, helping to create an environment that feels warm and welcoming.

From the galley, complete with American-style fridge, you can look out through the vast window across the sea. The Bali 4.3 MY allows you to entertain in style, or simply to enjoy cruising with family and friends. The cabins are comfortable and make use of considerable storage space, allowing the Bali 4.3 MY to provide an enjoyable space in which to spend time.

BALI 4.3 MY Technical Specifications


A level of self-sufficiency and living spaces without equal in its class, 3 or 4 cabin versions, a completely open platform, …BALI 4.3 MY

Conception Olivier PONCIN
Naval Architect Xavier FAŸ
Interior design Hervé COUEDEL
Overall length 43 ft – 12,85 m
Beam 23,35 ft – 7,12 m
Waterline length 42,15 ft – 12,85 m
Draft 2,11 ft – 0,9 m
Light displacement 10,8 t
Maximum displacement 14,8 t
Fresh water 211 us gal – 800 l
Fuel 422 us gal – 1600 l
Engines 2 X 160 hp up to 260 hp
CE CAT : A – 10 persons



The BALI 4.3 Motor Yacht will be launched at the Yachting Festival from September 8th to 13rd in France. For more informations about the Bali 4.3 MY, click here or send a message on the Choose Your Boat web site

BALI 4.3 MY : un nouveau pari « Moteur » très réussi !

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BALI 4.3 MYBali Catamarans lance son tout premier modèle de la gamme MOTOR YACHTS, de fabrication française. Le BALI 4.3 MY bénéficie de tous les atouts des autres catamarans développés par le chantier.


Les grands espaces à volonté

Le design du BALI 4.3 MY a été voulu contemporain et épuré, offrant de grands espaces de vie et une vision panoramique à couper le souffle. Le décloisonnement du cockpit et du carré, ainsi que le choix de baies vitrées escamotables facilitent la circulation à bord et assurent une aération et une luminosité naturelles exceptionnelles.

A l’avant, un cockpit et un spacieux bain de soleil de 18 m2 peuvent accueillir jusqu’à 8 personnes. Vous pourrez ainsi prendre vos repas ou vous détendre en toute décontraction. Sa cuisine équipée a été placée à l’avant pour vous permettre de préparer les repas face à la mer. Le BALI 4.3 MY est également muni d’un flybridge avec salon et coin repas. Vous pourrez donc profiter d’une vue imprenable sur la mer à tout moment de la journée.

BALI 4.3 MY : le plaisir en toute sérénité



L’équipement technique complet du BALI 4.3 MY vous permettra de vivre votre croisière en toute sérénité. Il est doté de carènes et d’une motorisation à régime lent permettant une économie en carburant tout en lui assurant un confort de navigation.BALI 4.3 MY

Des réservoirs d’eau de 800 litres et de gasoil de 1600 litres, un réfrigérateur américain de 615 litres avec machine à glaçons et fontaine d’eau glacée vous assureront une autonomie appréciable pendant toute votre croisière.

Caractéristiques Techniques: BALI 4.3 MY


A level of self-sufficiency and living spaces without equal in its class, 3 or 4 cabin versions, a completely open platform, …

Conception Olivier PONCIN
Naval Architect Xavier FAŸ
Interior design Hervé COUEDEL
Overall length 43 ft – 12,85 m
Beam 23,35 ft – 7,12 m
Waterline length 42,15 ft – 12,85 m
Draft 2,11 ft – 0,9 m
Light displacement 10,8 t
Maximum displacement 14,8 t
Fresh water 211 us gal – 800 l
Fuel 422 us gal – 1600 l
Engines 2 X 160 hp up to 260 hp
CE CAT : A – 10 persons

Lancement du BALI 4.3 MY au Yachting Festival de Cannes


BALI 4.3 MYVenez découvrir en avant première le BALI 4.3 Motor Yacht au salon nautique prestigieux de Cannes du 8 au 13 septembre prochain en France.

Si vous souhaitez obtenir un rendez-vous, organiser une visite ou tout simplement recevoir plus d’informations sur le BALI 4.3 MY (brochures, tarifs, devis…), cliquez ici ou contactez directement l’équipe de Choose Your Boat à

BALI 4.0 Lounge: a new dimension in the world sailing


BALI 4.0With the launch of the BALI 4.0 Lounge catamaran, a competitively priced Catamaran, made in France, is introduced that provides impressive levels of performance and brings a new dimension to the world of sailing.




A stunning appearance


 The innovative design makes use of many features that have been developed on earlier yachts within the range. Boasting spacious, open living areas and a self-sufficient, power system, this is a craft that is intended to offer a special experience.



The saloon area provides a panoramic view, designed to allow the owner and guests to make the most of their surroundings. A folding glass door can be used to separate the space, which is perfect for creating an inviting atmosphere in the evenings.



An extensive dining area, together with plenty of sunbathing space, mean that the BALI 4.0 Lounge is able to offer the flexibility that is desired. Care has been taken to ensure that there is natural light throughout the interior, with numerous hatches in the hull helping to provide ample ventilation. It is clear that attention has been given to ensuring that guests are comfortable and safe at all times.

Entertain in style


For those with a love of cooking and entertaining, the fully equipped galley of the BALI 4.0 offers an extended range of options and also allows you to take advantage of the sea view. As with all areas of the catamaran, there is a focus on providing a truly memorable experience.

Ease of control

The sail combination allows for operation within a wide variety of wind conditions, with the BALI 4.0 Lounge featuring a helm station that enables a single individual to take control of the craft. Two engines help to provide additional power, with a tank storing up to 400 litres of diesel, ensuring that the yacht is well suited to cruising.

BALI 4.0 Lounge Specifications

Conception Olivier PONCIN
Naval Architect Xavier FAŸ
Design Hervé COUEDEL
Overall length 40 ft
Beam 22 ft
Waterline length 38,6 ft
Draft 3,67 ft
Light displacement 8,6 t
Maximum displacement 11,2 t
Up wind sail area 880 sq ft
Mainsail area 516 sq ft
Solent 344,45 sq ft
Fresh Water 211 us gal
Fuel 103 us gal
Engines 2 X 20 hp up to 40 hp
CE CAT : A – 10 persons

Cannes Yachting Festival: Avant Premiere!


The BALI 4.0 Avant Premiere will take place in Cannes during the prestigious Yachting Festival from September 8th to 13rd in France. If you would like to organise a meeting there or get further details about this new catamaran, click here or please let us know sending a message on Choose Your Boat