Cap Camarat 9.0 CC: a Variety of Uses for Families


The brand new Jeanneau Cap Camarat 9.0 CC is the biggest model in the Center Console line of Open type boats. Though it looks very much like a fishing boat, it is also a boat that adapts to a variety of uses, with a lot of family oriented comforts on board for day trips. There is also a very nice surprise inside and a lot of amenities below decks. I invite you to discover this boat with me, please follow me.

Successful and ingenious

Cap Camarat 9.0 CCFrom its launch, this new Cap Camarat 9.0 CC has made quite an impression. First of all with its famous styling, the launch-specific black hull and flashy lettering. But above all it has impressed with its remarkable handling and high performance. Access on board is very easy with the optional large bathing platforms that are perfectly integrated in terms of design. There is a stowable swimming-ladder and a large handrail that facilitates getting on board and separates the platform from the engines. When you board, what immediately stands out is the open deck space on the boat, with a large space both at the rear cockpit and also at the front cockpit with wide gangways to move around from forward to aft.

The Cap Camarat 9.0 CC is built on the famous Michael Peters hull from the 9.0 WA. It is a high performance hull, Cap Camarat 9.0 CCvery comfortable, with a pronounced V on the bow which goes all the way to stern which ensures a good handling. But this hull is traditional, in the sense that there is no step, which offers this boat great versatility, but also a choice of motors. For example, it can be equipped with a single 350 horsepower engine, or with more powerful twin engines up to 2×250 horsepower. Twin engines are interesting because they offer better performance, better acceleration, and also better maneuverability when in port. In terms of maneuverability, the optional bow thruster is also an advantage. In terms of performance, with twin motors the boat is fast. The 2×250 horsepower motors can reach speeds in the range of 44-45 knots. With smaller engines the top speed remains very good at around 37-38 knots, as with the 2×175 or 2×200 horsepower motors.

Cap Camarat 9.0 CCThe helm station is comfortable. It is designed for two or three people with a central position for the pilot. It is well protected by the windshield. The joystick is well placed and the wheel tilt is adjustable. The driver faces the dashboard where there is the option of having a Garmin 9 or 12 inch screen, the VHF, the engine instrumentation, handrails and storage.

To aft, there are several leaning-post layout options. The standard Cap Camarat 9.0 CCleaning-post has three seats on a stainless steel structure with rod holders and strong handrails. Under the standard leaning-post there is space for an igloo cooler. It’s really a standard leaning-post for fishing. Optionally, there are still three seats, but with a backrest. Underneath you’ll find all the amenities needed for family oriented use: a sink, a gas stove, the housing for the gas canister and the refrigerator. This same leaning-post can also be equipped for varied uses. It’s possible to replace the big sink with a smaller sink, and in its place install a livewell. With this configuration it is really a multi usage boat, ready for the family yet still equipped for fishing. It just depends on the time of day.

Cap Camarat 9.0 CC: spacious and bright

Cap Camarat 9.0 CCThe cockpit lounge has the same type of layout as the 9.0 WA with a very deep, comfortable and well protected bench, with a large wraparound backrest that extends along the side. There are folding seats which optimize space and are easily stowed. It is possible to have the same seat on the port side. It’s possible to install an optional table. There are two types, one with removable legs, so the space is free during the day, the other has the same top but with telescopic legs to form a large aft sundeck. Under the cockpit table, there is a very large and deep storage compartment. This is made possible by the dual fuel tanks located on each side of the hull. This large storage compartment allows the boat to be equipped with a generator, if desired, to power the air conditioning and cool the cabin.

You’ll notice right away how easy it is to get around on board. There are deeply recessed gangways on each side of the console. The bulwarks are high for good protection along with the handrails. From fore to aft is the deck completely flush.

The front cockpit has been completely redesigned with a very innovative layout. There is a large central sofa justCap Camarat 9.0 CC forward of the console. It adds comfort while underway because one can sit comfortably facing the sea and enjoy the sun. That also creates a large forward cockpit where a table can be added. It also makes a full-size forward sundeck a possibility, it depends on what you want to do. This sofa can open and provides waterproof storage. Here again there are Cap Camarat 9.0 CCmany advantages. For example in day-boat use it allows for easy access to the cushions to set up the sundeck no more having to move around the boat. But also, all the sundeck equipment can be stored separately in the very deep storage locker located under the forward bench. It can store a sundeck support frame, which is very light, and transforms the forward cockpit into a large sundeck. So in addition to providing easy access to cushions in day-boat mode, this very innovative hatch solution on the sofa also provides excellent cabin ventilation when spending a night on board.

Cap Camarat 9.0 CCAccess to the cabin is at the back of the console via a sliding door. You can see something unique on a fishing boat, a large double berth forward, as well as a separate toilet compartment with a marine toilet, shower and sink.

There is plenty of storage on board, with a deep storage locker under the berth, a cabinet to port. And in addition, behind the companionway, there is a large storage space that you can equip, if you wish, with extra cushions to serve as a berth for children.


In conclusion, this new Cap Camarat 9.0 CC offers many features for a wide variety of uses. It’s possible to use the boat for sport fishing, for family outings, sunbathing, swimming and water sports. There is plenty of space for guests, with a maximum of up to 11 people on board.

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Cap Camarat 9.0 CC : un Open Familial Multi-Programmes


Le nouveau Cap Camarat 9.0 CC de Jeanneau est le modèle le plus spacieux de la gamme Center Console, pouvant accueillir jusqu’ à 11 personnes. Derrière un look fishing assumé, le Cap Camarat 9.0 CC a été conçu pour s’adapter à différents programmes.

Cap Camarat 9.0 CC : performant et ingénieux

Cap Camarat 9.0 CCLe Cap Camarat 9.0 CC s’est fait remarquer, dès son lancement, par sa coque noire rehaussée d’inscriptions très flashy, mais surtout par ses performances de haut niveau et son comportement marin remarquable.

Jeanneau a choisi de reprendre la carène dessinée par Michael Peters pour le Cap Camarat 9.0 WA. Elle est très confortable et très performante. Son V très marqué à l’avant, se prolonge jusqu’à l’arrière et garantit un bon passage en mer. Cette carène offre au bateau une multitude de possibilités, en termes de programme, pêche et famille, ou de motorisation, mono-moteur, par exemple en 350 chevaux, ou bi-moteur, plus puissante, jusqu’à 2×250 chevaux.  Elle lui confère une meilleure accélération et des performances pouvant atteindre 45 nœuds. Elle lui offre également une meilleure manœuvrabilité au port grâce au propulseur d’étrave, disponible en option.

L’accès à bord est facilité par de grandes plateformes de bain optionnelles. Ramenées sur le pont, elles s’intègrent parfaitementCap Camarat 9.0 CC au design avec une échelle tiroir pour la baignade et une grande main courante pour la remontée à bord.

La circulation à bord est optimisée par un plancher de plain-pied, des passavants encastrés, très profondément, de chaque côté de la console, hauts pour plus de sécurité, un balcon et des mains courantes.

Le pont du Cap Camarat 9.0 CC est très spacieux, aussi bien au niveau du cockpit arrière que du cockpit avant, avec de larges passavants. A l’arrière le leaning-post peut s’aménager de différentes façons.

Cap Camarat 9.0 CCEn standard vous disposez d’un leaning-post trois places installé sur une structure avec porte-cannes et mains courantes intégrés. Vous pourrez mettre en-dessous une glacière de type igloo, pour un programme pêche. Vous pourrez également opter pour un leaning-post plus confortable. Toujours avec trois places, il dispose d’un dossier arrière et d’aménagements dédiés aux sorties familiales : évier, réchaud à gaz et réfrigérateur. Pour un programme mixte, vous pourrez remplacer le grand évier par un évier plus petit et ajouter un vivier.

Cap Camarat 9.0 CC : spacieux et lumineux

Le poste de pilotage est confortable. Il peut accueillir jusqu’à trois personnes. Le pare-brise protège la positionCap Camarat 9.0 CC centrale réservée au pilote. Il dispose de manettes ergonomiques et d’un volant inclinable pour plus de confort. Le tableau de bord peut recevoir un écran Garmin 9 ou 12 pouces, la VHF, l’instrumentation moteur, des mains courantes et du rangement.


Cap Camarat 9.0 CCL’aménagement du cockpit avant est très confortable et très convivial avec un grand sofa central à l’avant de la console. Celui-ci permet en effet de profiter de la mer et du soleil, même en navigation. Le grand carré de cockpit peut ainsi recevoir une table et un bain de soleil intégral. Le sofa s’ouvre sur un coffre étanche où se cachent des coussins permettant d’installer rapidement un bain de soleil. Le capot ouvrant garantit une très bonne ventilation de la cabine.

Vous trouverez par ailleurs un coffre très profond. Vous y rangerez par exemple les éléments de bain de soleil, comme un cadre, très léger, en standard, transformant tout l’avant du bateau en grand bain de soleil.

L’aménagement du salon de cockpit du Cap Camarat 9.0 CC reprend celui du 9.0 WA : banquette confortable, très Cap Camarat 9.0 CCprofonde, bien protégée par un grand dossier se prolongeant sur le côté, des banquettes rabattables pour optimiser l’espace, facilement manipulables, permettant d’obtenir une banquette identique côté bâbord. Vous pourrez installer une table, en option, avec deux types d’aménagement possibles : des pieds amovibles pour libérer l’espace ou un plateau de table avec pieds télescopiques transformant l’espace en grand bain de soleil.

Les deux réservoirs de carburant se trouvent de chaque côté de la coque. L’espace est ainsi libéré sous le carré de cockpit aménagé en grand espace de stockage. Vous pourrez également y installer un générateur pour alimenter la climatisation et refroidir la cabine.

Cap Camarat 9.0 CCOn accède à la cabine à l’arrière de la console par une porte coulissante. Unique sur un fishing : elle dispose d’un grand couchage double à l’avant. Elle est en outre assortie d’un compartiment séparé avec un WC marin, une douche et une vasque. Vous trouverez des rangements à bâbord, à l’arrière de la descente et sous le lit. Vous pourrez par ailleurs équiper ce volume de rangement de coussins supplémentaires pour un couchage d’appoint pour des enfants.

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New Outremer 51: a blue water Catamaran reference


The new Outremer 51 is the reference blue water sailing Catamaran which has just been named 2018 best multi-hull of the year.

Outremer 51: seaworthy and efficient

The new Outremer 51 is a light boat, also seaworthy and efficient. But it is also built to offer greater comfort at sea. The 51 weighs only 10.5 tons, which is about 50% less than most other comparable catamarans.

NEW OUTREMER 51From the helm station, one has perfect control of the boat with very good visibility on all four corners. All the controls are right at hand: the sheets, the mainsail halyard and the reefing lines. The engine controls are also right at your fingertips.

As on all Outremer boats, we offer the possibility of equipping the boat with tiller bars. The tiller helm has a special feeling that can not be found on any other boat.

The side decks are wide. So, they allow for easy movement on board. There is a handrail that makes moving forward very safe. Standard equipment includes a self-tacking jib which can be combined with a code zero or a code D, which can be mounted on the bowsprit. A compression beam separates the two trampolines so getting around is easy.

The stowed anchor is easily accessible beneath this hatch. In the beam that separates the two trampolines, there is a footprint to stow the gangway to disembark when docked.

The diesel tanks are located in large lockers at the foot of the mast. This centers the weight, and also provides plenty of room to store lines, moorings or whatever you want.NEW OUTREMER 51

The mast is very easy to access and the boom is not too high, so it is very easy to access the mainsail. Huge sail lockers are located in each bow. There is space for sails, fenders and all kinds of toys. One can stow paddles, kites and bikes as well.

Like all Outremer boats, the 51 has dagger boards. So, this guarantees exceptional upwind stability, but also more speed downwind. With the dagger boards up, the draft is only 1 meter, with them down it drops to 2.50 meters.

The U-shaped cockpit is very well protected with a rigid bimini that provides complete coverage. It can also be closed with panels for protection from the sun or the rain. The table is large enough to accommodate a dozen people. It easily transforms into a small fixed table to one side. And the largest part telescopes down to transform into a platform for reading or naps with shelter from the sun or rain. It is very pleasant in hottest climates.

The bimini also collects rainwater. The pipes lead the water directly into the tanks.

NEW OUTREMER 51One of the very pleasant things about the new Outremer 51 is the 360-degree visibility that one has in the cockpit or in the saloon, both sitting and standing. There are practically no blind spots. We have great visibility over the whole horizon.

So, we’ve seen that weight is a very important factor in building a light, high performance boat. However, at Outremer, safety is a fundamental concern and we remain committed to the use of monolithic polyester for the lower hull areas, for its incomparable strength.


Outremer 51: friendly and comfortable

The interior of the new 51 has been firstly completely redesigned. We offer a standard finish in light oak veneer, but as an option you can choose a different type of wood trim. All the furniture is made using foam-core sandwich construction for a perfect weight savings to finish quality balance.

The kitchen was widened and the sink moved to the center so as to create a worktop that is accessible directly from the cockpit. There is a large oven. The hob is slightly off-set to create a work space in the center and there is a lot of storage which will allow you sufficient larder for long crossings.NEW OUTREMER 51

There is a skylight to light the bathroom below and small practical side niches that hold tray to bring cocktails in the cockpit.

The chart table has been enlarged as well, finished with a Corian top so as to avoid wear over time. Of course it is still facing forward, with a dashboard that can accommodate a large screen and all navigational instruments.

On an Outremer it is very important that all systems are accessible.

The saloon table can also be folded over at the center for easier access on the side. An optional telescoping table goes down to become a watch berth.

The boat comes standard with a 95 liter fridge and can accommodate a second fridge or a freezer next to it.

NEW OUTREMER 51On the port side, the owner’s hull offers an aft cabin with a 160 cm by 2 meter berth. It’s very bright and well ventilated. There is a large porthole with a sea view, opening portholes at the rear and above, which make for very good ventilation. There is a lot of storage space in the owner’s hull. Use of space is maximized. These two shelves on the hull provide structural rigidity to the boat and also serve as shelves. These small sliding storage bins are very practical. To close the door just slid it across and it reveals a large wardrobe. The entire corridor consists of storage, wardrobes and shelves.

Owner’s bathroom is really very large and bright, with a large porthole and plenty of ventilation. The starboard hull for guests has two cabins, a separate shower and a large head.NEW OUTREMER 51

In conclusion, regarding the construction of the boat, an Outremer is very different from most catamarans. Instead of using the roof to distribute the rigging load throughout the boat, we use a structure, a kind of skeleton, which is an integral part of the boat. Which means that the partitions will be laminated directly to the hull, as are all the elements that make up the interior. The small bracings that serve as shelves, the berths and all the intermediate bulkheads reinforce the structure of the boat. So, this makes it incomparably more rigid and solid than the elements simply glued in place that generally constitute the structure of cruising catamarans. For example, the dagger board casing is fused from top to bottom with the laminated partitions on the hull, which make it a one-piece assembly.

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Jeanneau NC 37: an inviting and elegant family powerboat

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Drawing on the central traditions of the iconic NC inboard powerboat line, Jeanneau stays ahead of the pack with the new NC 37.

The NC line: life on one level

NC 37 JeanneauThe philosophy behind the NC line is simple. Life on board is all on one level, making moving around the boat safe, inviting and easy. The concept is that of an apartment with a terrace giving direct access to the water: with her superb hull design, exceptional seaworthiness and generous living spaces, the NC 37 is the perfect choice for enjoying life aboard with family and friends. NC 37 Jeanneau

Recessed side decks, as well as a side door at the helm station, ensure easy, comfortable cruising. An L-shaped aft cockpit is the perfect place for relaxing and sunbathing while a sliding glass door separates this space from the warm and welcoming saloon.

NC 37 JeanneauHer fully-equipped galley also opens to the fresh air, with a central cockpit bar dividing the two spaces. Forward, the spacious sundeck can be shaded by an optional canopy while thoughtfully designed storage lockers and a swim platform complete a contemporary yet timeless design.



Light and luxurious accommodation

The design of the NC 37 offers an exceptionally bright interior, with a NC 37 Jeanneauvery large fully opening sunroof and panoramic windows that allow natural light to flood in. A sunshade can also be extended from her roof. The co-pilot bench seat can be moved to create a comfortable L-shaped seating area in the saloon that invites conviviality.

NC 37 JeanneauHer cabins bear witness to a thoughtful distribution of space, with the owner’s and guest cabins being nearly the same size. A further space offers extra storage or can be adapted to be a third cabin. A second refrigerator can also be optionally fitted here. The inviting and harmoniously proportioned cabins boast plenty of storage compartments; everything is designed to make life on board easy and comfortable. Uniquely on a boat in this category! The NC 37 features a bathroom with separate shower as well as a separate head compartment.NC 37 Jeanneau

To discover more about the NC 37 or to find your nearest Jeanneau dealer, please reach Choose Your Boat web site: or contact us on,jeanneau-nc-37  endly you can also email us at