CATANA 70: Combining refinement and performance

Catana 70Catana’s R&D specialists have been working in conjunction with leading naval architects to create a catamaran that extends the limits of yacht design. The CATANA 70 represents that work coming to fruition and is the most refined Maxi cruising catamaran on the market.


CATANA 70 : A yacht that exceeds expectations


catana 70

Launched in May 2015, the CATANA 70 succeeds in exceeding expectations, even for those who have many years of yachting experience. This is a vessel that combines technical excellence with ease of handling, pushing back the boundaries of what could normally be expected of a catamaran.

Catana 70The appearance of the CATANA 70 is appealing, with a sleek hull that enables high cruising speeds to be reached and that makes use of the very
latest yacht design techniques. The curved daggerboards, which offer the craft such a unique outline, produce a hydrofoil effect. The hull itself benefits from an increased length, ensuring that higher speeds can be reached.

Catana 70

As would be expected, stability is at the core of the design, meaning that the impressive levels of performance are combined with a wide selection of safety devices. The CATANA 70 offers excitement, but the R&D team have been careful to ensure that the experience is also secure at all times.

The combination of a large headsail and a small mainsail means that the CATANA 70 is easy to handle and also has the perfect setup for racing conditions. This is a yacht that will allow you to push the performance limits.


CATANA 70 : An interior that sets new standards of luxury


catana 70

The luxurious interior is a stunning mix of contemporary style and functional accessories, with a careful attention to detail. Beautiful materials have been used throughout and there is a comprehensive level of personalization available, ensuring that the craft reflects the desires of the owner.

Catana 70

An increased amount of living space has been made available and the extensive provision of storage space helps to create a living area that feels spacious and complete. The aim has been to provide a yacht on which it is a pleasure to spend time.


c70 Specifications

Overall lenght : 68′ 44 »

Beam : 31′ 2 »

Draft boards up : 5′ 1 »

Draft boards down : 12’4 »

Mast Clearance: 94′ 32 »

Light displacement : 21,5 t

Main sail area : 1,313 sq ft

Up wind sail area : 2,314 sq ft

Down wind sail area : 2,873 sq ft

Mast length : 85′ 3 »

Engines power : 2 x 150 HP

Fresh water capacity : 2×105,7 us gal

Fuel capacity : 2×162,7 us gal

Refrigerator capacity : 2 x 42,27 us gal

Architect : Jérôme LOMBARD

Interior design : Couëdel HUGON Design

Catana 70

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