BALI 4.0 Lounge: a new dimension in the world sailing


BALI 4.0With the launch of the BALI 4.0 Lounge catamaran, a competitively priced Catamaran, made in France, is introduced that provides impressive levels of performance and brings a new dimension to the world of sailing.

A stunning appearance


 The innovative design makes use of many features that have been developed on earlier yachts within the range. Boasting spacious, open living areas and a self-sufficient, power system, this is a craft that is intended to offer a special experience.



The saloon area provides a panoramic view, designed to allow the owner and guests to make the most of their surroundings. A folding glass door can be used to separate the space, which is perfect for creating an inviting atmosphere in the evenings.



An extensive dining area, together with plenty of sunbathing space, mean that the BALI 4.0 Lounge is able to offer the flexibility that is desired. Care has been taken to ensure that there is natural light throughout the interior, with numerous hatches in the hull helping to provide ample ventilation. It is clear that attention has been given to ensuring that guests are comfortable and safe at all times.

Entertain in style


For those with a love of cooking and entertaining, the fully equipped galley of the BALI 4.0 offers an extended range of options and also allows you to take advantage of the sea view. As with all areas of the catamaran, there is a focus on providing a truly memorable experience.

Ease of control

The sail combination allows for operation within a wide variety of wind conditions, with the BALI 4.0 Lounge featuring a helm station that enables a single individual to take control of the craft. Two engines help to provide additional power, with a tank storing up to 400 litres of diesel, ensuring that the yacht is well suited to cruising.

BALI 4.0 Lounge Specifications

Conception Olivier PONCIN
Naval Architect Xavier FAŸ
Design Hervé COUEDEL
Overall length 40 ft
Beam 22 ft
Waterline length 38,6 ft
Draft 3,67 ft
Light displacement 8,6 t
Maximum displacement 11,2 t
Up wind sail area 880 sq ft
Mainsail area 516 sq ft
Solent 344,45 sq ft
Fresh Water 211 us gal
Fuel 103 us gal
Engines 2 X 20 hp up to 40 hp
CE CAT : A – 10 persons

Cannes Yachting Festival: Avant Premiere!


The BALI 4.0 Avant Premiere will take place in Cannes during the prestigious Yachting Festival from September 8th to 13rd in France. If you would like to organise a meeting there or get further details about this new catamaran, click here or please let us know sending a message on Choose Your Boat

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