Astus 24, the new cruise-style trimaran has plenty to offer!


The Astus 24, the newcomer from Astus Boats manufacturers, has attracted a lot of visitors during the last Paris Boat Show. It is a transportable trimaran with telescopic floats and tubes that fit into the central hull (like most of the Astus models).


A platform of 20 m2 for fun on water


Astus 24Thanks to its double tubes, Astus 24 unfolds at 5.25 meters for a comfortable sailing of exceptional quality. Handling can be done both on land and water, which is ideal before entering the port. For the sport version the tubes are available in carbon and for classic version of the boat they are available in aluminum.

The Astus 24 is a multihull which is intended for cruises : with this in mind, Astus has developed very interesting storage volumes to store huge amounts of materials. Handrails on top of the boat, as well as winches, have also been designed in order to improve the cruising comfort. Nets and front balconies are installed to secure the foredeck.Astus 24

Thanks to this technology, we get an impressive platform of 20 Metres Square once the boat has been unfolded!

In addition, The Astus 24 brings on board the latest technological improvements developed by Astus Boats. A reefing system for the cruise is optional; the helm is retracted in order to better centre the weights. Different fabrics are available for the sailcloth depending on whether you opt for a sport style trimaran or something more cruise like.

A berth for 2 people, a kitchenette and storage areas


Astus 24A 3 steps swim ladder provides access to the cockpit. The bridge is equipped with a helm station with two positions (one of them is raised) so as to combine comfort and visibility. There are also 3 trunks, many lockers as well as a movable table, which facilitates movement on the boat.

The cabin is divided into two benches and the height underneath the bars is very pleasant. The space has been optimised to offer, here again, the best possible comfort. The hood is disjointed and demountable: when traveling, it can be removed, which is very nice while sailing when the sun is up. Volumes are used to the full, which allows the Astus 24 to a lot of storage areas.

Moreover, there is a polyester kitchenette consisting of a sink, a stove area and a board that can act as Astus 24a kitchen table for meals. Extra tip, in the future a cockpit table (multi position) will be installed inside the trimaran thanks to a system intended for this purpose. There are two new benches (with room for storage) whose size are perfectly suited for an adult. Finally, at the front tip of the Astus 24, there is a double bed, storage area, with natural ventilation and a chemical toilet, separated from the main square.

This new Astus 24, which is made in France (Brittany) by the shipyard Astus Boats offers an ideal solution for a quality cruise (stylish, portable, comfortable, functional) without forgetting to focus on maneuvers. Pleasure and performance on water are guaranteed!

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