Dufour 360 Grand Large: a new highly versatile sailboat


The Dufour 360 Grand Large takes a very important place, because the 35-foot market segment has always been very important at Dufour Yachts. They are versatile boats for both family and short-handed sailing, but also for performance enthusiasts.

Dufour 360 Grand Large: Performance and stability

Dufour 360The most significant innovation on the Dufour 360 Grand Large is its new deck layout which is suited to all types of sailing. And also, the new hull, which was of course redesigned to fit the new deck.

It was also important for Dufour Yachts to maintain the design principles, including on board security which starts with a level transom that also optimizes on board space. The much taller transom provides enough space to build in a large rear platform, in relation to the size of boats in this segment.

The enclosed cockpit provides space for the famous and nowDufour 360 indispensable transom sink and grill. It’s definitely something original on a 35 or 36-foot boat. Once the grill is closed, the covers create additional aft seating and a secure cockpit. The transom gate, held up by a hydraulic cylinder which is in itself a safety feature, doubles as seating to completely close the aft deck.

The column style and ship’s wheel are really different from what we usually see on a Grand Large. We find the typical high-performance columns which obviously were not chosen only for their aesthetic, but also to maximize space in the cockpit. Both at the helmsman’s feet and also in relation to seating space. The bench seats are 20 cm longer compared to the previous Dufour 350 Grand Large.

Dufour 360A second feature is the choice of instrumentation on the navigation consoles. There is a console on both sides. On the port side, there is the wind vane, navigation information and the compass. To starboard, there is all the equipment related to the engine, the autopilot, the tachometer and the starter.

The roof of the Dufour 360 Grand Large is new and totally redesigned, Dufour 360it is wider and with slightly narrower side decks, which the interior space takes great advantage of. The roof design is very clean. A new housing hides all the halyards and sheets and also has a spray hood coaming. There are features from boats in the high-end segments like the forward roof porthole. This porthole brings a lot of light into the owner’s cabin. On the fore decks there is also a windshield and a lot of portholes which let a lot of light inside the boat.

The inclined boom is at a very convenient height to easily lower the sail. Now standard is the long mast, an option with previous pricing. The jib tracks are also standard, while the self-tacking jib option is also available for maximum ease of use for less performance-oriented sailors.

New design for some more of user-friendliness

Dufour 360The Dufour 360 Grand Large benefits from a new interior design. There is a new teak finish designed to be both warm and not too dark. The new linings in Grey Soft Touch fabric also enhance the interior lighting. The floors are made of  v-grooved solid oak, unusual on a 36-foot boat and the new upholstery which is the result of the enormous amount of work done on the seats and includes stitched finish detailing.

We will find the traditional chart table with a comfortable sit, a L-Dufour 360shaped galley with a kitchen sink, a corian worktop, an oven and lots of storage spaces, and finally a saloon with a flip-over table and sits for 6 persons.

Dufour 360

The very bright and well insulated front cabin provides a double bed, a mirror and lots of storage spaces. Two portholes bring it a lot of light.


Dufour 360



The second cabin provides also a double-berth and storage spaces. You can also choice a layout with three cabins. The bathroom is equipped with a corian counter top, a new ceramic basin, new fixtures and an electric toilet.


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Dufour 360 Grand Large : au top de la Polyvalence


Le Dufour 360 Grand Large tient une place importante, comme tous les segments de 35 pieds, chez Dufour Yachts. Ce sont des bateaux polyvalents, adaptés à la navigation en famille ou en équipage réduit. Ils séduisent aussi les passionnés de performance.

Dufour 360 Grand Large : performance et stabilité

Dufour 360Un des premiers atouts du Dufour 360 Grand Large est sa nouvelle coque avec son hublot de nez de roof, élément repris au Dufour 520, qui lui offre un design de pont innovant, adapté à toutes les utilisations. Ses tableaux arrière très droits optimisent et sécurisent l’espace à bord. La large plage arrière accueille un grand rangement pour le coffre à bib.

Le design du roof a été entièrement revu, inspiré des standards de Dufour 360voiliers de catégorie supérieure, plus large, avec des passavants légèrement plus courts pour valoriser les espaces intérieurs, plus net, avec un insert de capote de roof et un nouveau carter pour dissimuler l’ensemble des drisses et écoutes.

Le cockpit peut entièrement se fermer. Il dispose d’une cuisine extérieure avec un évier et une plancha. Cette particularité Dufour Yachts, une fois rangée, offre des assises supplémentaires.

Les colonnes de barre typées performance libèrent un maximum de place dans le cockpit au niveau du barreur mais aussi au niveau des assises. Ce qui offre 20 cm d’assises en plus par rapport au Dufour 350. Le design de la console et de la barre à roues a Dufour 360été amélioré. Vous trouverez une console de chaque côté. A bâbord, la girouette, les informations de navigation et le compas. A tribord, le pilote automatique, le compte-tours et le démarreur.

La bôme inclinée permet d’affaler facilement la voile. Le long mât et les chariots de foc sont désormais disponibles en version standard. Vous pouvez cependant opter pour un foc autovireur pour plus de manœuvrabilité.


Dufour 360 Grand Large : nouveau design pour encore plus de convivialité

Des pare-brises avant, notamment sur le roof, ce qui est peu commun pour un voilier de 36 pieds, ainsi que deDufour 360 nombreux hublots, offrent au Dufour 360 Grand large un espace intérieur baigné de lumière.

L’aménagement est très chaleureux avec un mobilier en teck, de nouveaux vaigrages en Grey Soft Touch, un parquet en chêne massif et de nouvelles selleries Millésime 2018.

Dufour 360Vous trouverez à l’entrée la table à cartes accompagnée d’une assise confortable, la cuisine en L équipée d’un évier, d’un plan de travail, d’un four et de nombreux rangements, et enfin le carré avec une table rabattable et des assises pouvant accueillir jusqu’à 6 convives.

Dufour 360

La cabine avant du Dufour 360 est très lumineuse grâce à un hublot latéral et un hublot de toit. Elle dispose d’un lit double, d’un miroir et d’espaces de rangement. La cabine invités dispose elle aussi d’un lit double et de rangements. Vous pourrez opter pour un aménagement incluant une troisième chambre.

Dufour 360


La salle de bain comprend un plan de travail en corian, une vasque en céramique, une nouvelle robinetterie et un WC électrique.



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NC 33: New generation of Inboard by Jeanneau


NC 33 is a very important new boat for Jeanneau. This is a new model in the NC line, which now consists of four models, the NC 9, NC 33, NC 11 and NC 14.

The NC line was launched six years ago and has experienced rapid development in all markets, in both cold countries and temperate. In cold countries because the NC boats have built a reputation for being very comfortable boats, with heating and all the other necessary comfort equipment. And also in temperate countries because of the air conditioning as well as the generators.

So, the NC line boats are characterized by a deck layout that is completely open to the outside, on one continuous deck between the salon and the cockpit. So they are true all-season boats that can be opened or closed at will.

Like the other models in the NC line the interior and exterior were developed by Garroni design while the hull was designed by Jeanneau’s loyal partner Michael Peters.

NC 33: Open to the sea


Of course on the NC 33 we find all the design DNA of the NC line, namely a life aboard on a flush deck with an interior fully open to the cockpit, so no step between the two spaces. Movement aboard is excellent, whether interior or exterior, with this recessed side deck that is directly accessible from the side door next to the helm.

New on this NC 33, there is a gangway door that provides, with certain configurations, a much easier access on board. For example, when the bathing platform is not accessible because of the dock.

The new NC 33 offers a really comfortable and welcoming cockpit, with this large L-shaped bench to welcome a maximum number of guests. The aft section of the bench slides forward and backwards as on all the NC line boats. There is a locking system, and once unlocked you just come aft and push the bench forward.

The advantage of this feature is that it fully optimizes the cockpit space when desired. But it  also optimizes the available platform space, whether for swimming or to store the dingy. This platform is standard equipment. It also provides access to this storage locker, which can also be used to stow the dingy. A hatch hides the shore power line.

As an option, the bench can fold down to form a sun bed. The operation is very easy. First the backrest lifts, then tilts backwards, next one slides out the support in the front, then one adds this cushion to have a large sun pad at the back of the boat.

The other advantage of the aft sliding bench is to offer the maximum space under the sun protection in summer or, during the off-season, when the boat is equipped with the rear enclosure. There is a second living space in the cockpit.

NC 33: the unlimited welfare

Moving around is very easy from the outside to the inside through a large opening, thanks to the three section sliding glass door. So, what’s unique is that you can slide the glass door to the starboard side. Then you have the outdoor cockpit perfectly connected to the inside.

The salon is bathed in light, even in the fading daylight. There are large panoramic windows with very good ventilation on the both side with the sliding door. Another feature that provides of the excellent ventilation is the electric sunroof. Two manually sliding panels are the standard equipment while the electric sunroof is optional.

The salon is equipped with a foldable table. In addition to the large L-shaped salon seating there are two freestanding seats, which can be adjusted in height and stowed in the space located under the bench in the aft section of the salon.

In front of the salon, there is a very nice galley, with a lot of storage. Storage below and also under the pilot seat that can optionally house a second refrigerator. And also upper cabinets, which are standard equipment, and offer a nice size storage space.


The helm has very complete instrumentation, with a 9 or 12 inch GPS screen. Complete analog instrumentation and also the engine controls. And above all, excellent connection with the outside thanks to the side door. Very practical feature, especially when you have a small crew.

The engine locker is very large and production boats will be equipped with a storage bin system located on the tank.

This new NC 33 is equipped with twin Volvo 2xD3 220 Hp diesel stern-drive engines, and a dual lever electric controller with all the options as standard equipment including trim assist, single lever control and the cruise control system. The trim assist system allows the boat to automatically adjust engine trim for the correct pitch to optimize fuel economy. The single lever system makes it possible to control the boat either with the two levers or with only one, which is very comfortable on longer cruises. And the cruse control system sets boat speed with the buttons located behind the controller, and allows for very precise throttle control and thus the desired speed.


To starboard of the helm, there is a bench seat for the co-pilot. It is very comfortable because the co-pilot is facing the sea. The pilot can choose between several driving positions: a standing position, which is quite remarkable on this type of boat, or a sitting position thanks to a very clever set of fordable floor panels. These floor panels also serve as a step to help get out of the boat through the side door.

The NC line is renowned for its large storage capacity. The NC 33 introduces a new layout design, which is very easy to use, since we have a large 80 liter refrigerator, and also very easy to access storage trays.

This configuration has the advantage of optimizing the volume available for the aft cabin. The interior space offered in the guest cabin is remarkable. It is bathed in light thanks to the large hull windows. Like the forward cabin, it has a sofa with a large storage locker under the seat. There is also a large storage space under the berth and also a interesting space at the end of the bed, very handy for storing a travel bag or a suitcase.


The owner’s cabin also has large hull windows, complemented by two deck hatch skylights in the ceiling. The storage volumes are very large. Standard equipment includes an immense storage volume located under the berth. In option, it’s possible to have upper cabinets on each side of the berth. To starboard, the owner’s cabin also has a sofa with a nice storage space located under the seat.  The bathroom is very spacious and has a separate shower.

In conclusion, with its warm atmosphere and timeless style, the NC 33 affirms the continuity of the line while featuring the latest architectural evolutions. With its numerous storage spaces, it is the ideal boat for family cruising.

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