Glastron: a passion for boats


GlastronThe Glastron brand represents an American icon, offering a boat line that is both accessible and reflective of an incredible design legacy. Established more than 60 years ago, Glastron is all about bringing a passion for boats to market.glastronGT240

Buyers often see themselves not as boat owners, but as drivers. This is a brand that is synonymous with positive, modern lifestyle traits.

Designs are typified by sleek lines and a signature roadster look, with GlastronGT180full size windshields. Interior elements are of high quality, heavily influenced by the very latest design trends.

Glastron boats is famed for attention to detail. It also takes into account practicalities. Easy to clean flooring, generous upholstery and a focus on ergonomics are all central to Glastron designs.

Each and every Glastron design provides an American boat, effortlessly exceeding buyer expectations. The driving experience is also central to all boats within the range. The lightweight construction, combined with powerful GlastronGT205engines as standard, ensures that the driver is able to enjoy a thrilling driving experience at all times.

Glastron is associated with a bold vision of what boat ownership should be about. Comfort is combined with the thrill of owning boats that offer a joyful recreational experience. Reflecting classic American design traits, they draw upon the very latest developments, allowing drivers to reach a new level of enjoyment.

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Wellcraft: the American purpose-built boat


Wellcraft232CoastalWellcraft offers an impressive range of purpose-built boats that are designed to appeal to a wide demographic of buyers. From fishing enthusiasts to fun loving families, this is an American brand that continues to go from strength to strength.
Originally designed in Florida, the Wellcraft boats brand quickly rose to Wellcraft222Scarabfame. Many will remember that the brand’s Scarab Offshore featured heavily in hit television show Miami Vice. At the heart of the boats is a focus on high quality engineering and manufacturing, with every element considered in detail.

The boats within the range are typified by their sleek lines and tall hull, with the latter given a strong sense of stability. The combination of fun and practicality are evident throughout, with each vessel boasting a signature hook.

Wellcraft290CoastalIn order to enjoy impressive levels of performance, drivers are offered highly functioning dashboard elements, allowing control of boats that provide a strong and stable experience, together with stunning levels of power.

What is particularly striking about designs within the Wellcraft range, however, is the level of attention to detail. Seating, for example, is designed to be both contemporary and comfortable. But the design team never forgets the need to ensure that such elements are also extremely practical. Cushions can be removed and foam has been used that drains easily. There is also a clear focus on making the boats easy to maintain.

This is one American brand that continues to hold a special place within the market. Buyers will welcome a new Wellcraft302Fishermanrange of vessels that follow in the established traditions that have made boats within the existing range so popular.


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Allures 45.9: optimised blue water cruises


The Allures 45.9 is the brand new boat by Allures Yachting. After the success of the 44 and the 45, the design team developed a brand new 45 foot boat because it is the ideal size for blue water cruising.

Allures 45.9: performance and autonomy in complete security

As usual at Allures Yachting, the boat is built on a very beautifully shaped aluminum. Then, to enhance practicality, Allures Yachting always adds a composite deck, which has lower maintenance, a more beautiful aesthetic and even better insulation. This modern hull offers performance and seaworthy handling in all circumstances. It also affords an even brighter, wider interior thanks to its modern hull with a constant width beam to the aft of the boat.Allures 45.9

There is an access on board and comfort at anchorage benefit from the constant width of the hull that goes to the back of the boat. There is a very wide bathing platform with a ladder that helps with climbing aboard. You’ll find a direct access to the outboard motor storage locker. There is no longer the need to lift and carry the motor. There is access directly to the storage from the platform. It is stowed directly from the annex to the locker.

The arch on the Allures 45.9 has also been moved aft compared to the older boats in the line. This makes hoisting the tender much easier. It is still possible to install solar panels on the arch, which are well outside the shadow of the mainsail. You can also add wind turbines and all the necessary equipment for navigation or communication. In terms of storage, in addition to the outboard locker, there is to starboard a gas canister storage for the range. There is another one of the same dimensions for a spare 13 kg canister to port, and yet another large storage locker accessible from the cockpit.

Allures 45.9An essential safety feature on a cruise ship is the life raft, which is easily accessible, hidden under the step to access the cockpit. It requires no effort to launch or simply take in for maintenance.

In a cockpit you have to do a lot of things: maneuver, move about, eat, and rest while remaining protected and safe, especially while blue water cruising. It was with this in mind that the cockpit of the Allures 45.9 was redesigned. It still has dual helms which don’t hinder movement and provide a good position facing the sails and good visibility forward, or in port during maneuvers. But there has been an evolution in relation to its predecessor, the 45. The main winches are set inboard and allow for well positioned, ergonomic maneuvers. One can winch without strain, using all of one’s bodyweight. All the maneuvering is easy even shorthanded. Of course electric winches can also be fitted for even greater ease. In the same spirit as the inboard winches, the companionway winches are set up to perform all maneuvers, including access to the reefs and the halyards.

Allures 45.9

Even though all maneuvers can be done from the cockpit. It is still interesting to take a look at the foredeck to discover the furling genoa, the staysail, but also the imposing bowsprit which serves as a tack point for a possible gennaker, code zero or asymmetric spinnaker. She accepts all types of anchors, even the heaviest, whether in rocna or spade.

The anchor locker is large and deep. It can accommodate more than 80 meters of chain and the electric windlass can weigh anchor in any weather. A sail compartment separates the bow from the finished interior, with a watertight bulkhead that provides the best in security. It is a large storage space which allows you to store sails, fenders or diving and water sport equipment.

Allures 45.9For the safety of the whole family, handrails and lifelines line the wide passages which allow for very easy movement on board. The cockpit table was designed to easily accommodate six guests thanks to the L-shape of the cockpit benches. There is a direct access to the technical room thanks to a large waterproof deck hatch. This hatch allows you to store your provisions and your bulky equipment such as a gennaker or a bicycle directly below deck without going through the companionway. This is how easy it is to store your provisions.


Allures 45.9: elegance and usability for a maximum of pleasure

The interior of the Allures 45.9 is designed to be nautical, elegant, comfortable and durable. Built to accommodate the crew throughout their blue water cruise. A seafaring boat is a boat where one is well secured, where one can stand in all types of weather conditions. It is also a boat where one has easy access to the engine. The slightly elevated chart table with two seats allows two crew members to discuss navigation face to face and to prepare the route while remaining in contact with the outside.Allures 45.9

From this large saloon table, it’s easy to keep an eye on the outside thanks to the large portholes on each side. It also converts into a daybed for more comfort.

On the other side of this very luminous interior, one accesses the kitchen by holding on to these handrails. One can securely hold on whatever direction you are facing. There is easy access to the gas stove and sink. You’ll find many accessible storage spaces and also a double drawer fridge which is standard equipment. There is enough storage space to store all the supplies necessary for a long cruise.

Allures 45.9Traditionally on an Allures there is an integral centerboard which allows for grounding in full autonomy. But it is also possible to opt for a lifting keel that allows for a reduced draft. This lifting keel version is lighter, minus the weight of two ballasts, which will enhance sailing performance. The boat’s technical room to aft on the port side is plenty of storage for equipment.

The top of the workbench can also be used as an extra berth. There is an access to the lazarette, with autopilot and helm systems. You’ll find space for a washing machine. There is also a space for a generator, or otherwise, access to storage. There is access through a watertight hatch to the cockpit that allows you to communicate, embark or disembark bulkier and heavier items.

Just forward the technical room, you will find the large head. It is equipped with a separate shower, toilet, large sink, and storage with direct access also to the black water tank.

The Allures 45.9 is available in two layout versions. The forward owner’s cabin is equipped with a large Island Bed, accessible from both sides. It is also available in an innovative two single berths that separate and set to each side or join together to form a double berth. In either case, there is a lot of storage underneath, including two drawers located under the bed.Allures 45.9

In this zone, three layout versions are offered. Either a storage room, a head with an exterior sink and a separate toilet, or a larger bathroom that takes up all the space and includes a shower, a toilet and a sink. There are no less than four portholes in the owner’s cabin, two of which open for ventilation.

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Allures 45.9 : la grande croisière optimisée


L’Allures 45.9 est un tout nouveau bateau de 45 pieds, la taille idéale pour la grande croisière, conçu par le bureau d’étude Allures Yachting, l’architecte Olivier Racoupeau et le designer Frank Darnet.

Allures 45.9 : performance et autonomie en toute sécurité

L’Allures 45.9 bénéficie tout d’abord d’une très belle coque en aluminium pour plus de sécurité, d’un pont en composites pour plus de praticité, moins de maintenance, une plus belle esthétique et une meilleure isolation.

Allures 45.9

Cette carène moderne offre au bateau des performances et un comportement des plus marins en toute circonstance et un intérieur encore plus lumineux, encore plus vaste grâce à son maître-bau constant jusqu’à l’arrière du bateau.

L’accès à bord et le confort au mouillage sont assurés par la largeur d’une carène constante venant jusque sur l’arrière du bateau. Vous y trouverez une très large plage de bain avec échelle à l’accoste, et un accès direct au moteur hors-bord depuis la jupe. Plus besoin de soulever son moteur.

L’arceau de ce nouvel Allures a également été déporté par rapport aux anciens bateaux de la gamme. Ce qui permet un relevage beaucoup plus facile de l’annexe. On a toujours la possibilité d’y installer des panneaux solaires qui se trouvent en-dehors de l’ombre portée de la grand-voile. On peut  y adjoindre une éolienne et toutes les enseignes nécessaires à la navigation ou à la communication.

Allures 45.9L’Allures 45.9 est équipé de nombreux rangements : coffre pour le moteur, coffre à gaz pour le service, un autre de même taille pour une éventuelle bouteille de 13 kg en réserve et un grand coffre accessible depuis le cockpit.

Le radeau de survie, incontournable sur un bateau de grande croisière, se range sous la marche d’accès au cockpit. Aucun effort à faire pour le mettre à la mer ou l’emmener en révision.

Le cockpit de l’Allures 45.9 est doté de winchs recentrés et de doubles barreaux pour être toujours bien positionné face aux voiles sans gêner la circulation, avoir toujours une belle vue sur la route et les manœuvres de port. Les winchs sont électrifiables, pour encore plus de confort, surtout en équipage réduit.Allures 45.9

Si toutes les manœuvres se trouvent au cockpit, il est quand même intéressant de faire un tour sur la plage avant, pour découvrir le génois sur enrouleur, la trinquette, mais également l’imposante delphinière qui fait office de bout-dehors pour un éventuel gennaker code zéro ou spi asymétrique. Elle accepte de plus tous les types d’ancres, les poids les plus élevés, que ce soit en rocna ou en spade.

La baille à mouillage est vaste. Elle permet en effet d’accueillir plus de 80 mètres de chaîne et le guindeau électrique peut remonter votre mouillage par tout temps.

Une soute à voile sépare l’étrave de la zone d’aménagement, avec une cloison étanche pour une meilleure sécurité. Un vaste espace de rangement  vous permettra de ranger voiles, pare-battage, matériel de plongée ou de  sport nautique.

La table de cockpit accueille aisément six convives, grâce au retour en L des banquettes de cockpit.

Pour le confort des passagers, les bailles à bouts dissimulent les manœuvres, à l’arrière comme à l’avant.

Allures 45.9

L’Allures 45.9 dispose par ailleurs de deux coffres à l’arrière du cockpit et d’un coffre de cockpit classique sur tribord. Mais la spécificité Allures est l’accès direct au local technique grâce à un grand panneau de pont étanche. Celui-ci permet de ranger ravitaillement et matériel encombrant sans passer par la descente.



Allures 45.9 : élégance et ergonomie pour un max de plaisir

La table à carte est légèrement surélevée. Ses deux sièges permettent de préparer la route tout en restant en contact avec l’extérieur.

Le vaste carré est très lumineux,  grâce au grand hublot de coque présent sur chaque bordé. Il se transforme également en Day-Bed pour plus de confort.

L’accès à la cuisine se fait en toute sécurité grâce à des mains courantes. Elle dispose d’une gazinière, d’un évier, d’un réfrigérateur à double tiroir ainsi que de nombreux rangements.

Plus en avant dans le bateau se trouve une grande salle d’eau. Elle comprend une douche indépendante, un double WC, un lavabo de grande taille, des rangements et un accès direct au réservoir en eaux noires.Allures 45.9

L’Allures 45.9 est disponible en deux versions d’aménagement, deux ou trois cabines. La cabine propriétaire est très spacieuse. Elle contient en effet un grand lit double Island Bed, accessible des deux côtés et munis d’espaces de rangement. Il est également disponible en deux lits simples qui se séparent ou se rassemblent pour former un lit double.

Un espace supplémentaire peut, à votre convenance, servir de rangement, de salle d’eau avec lavabo extérieur et WC indépendant, ou de plus grande salle d’eau avec rangement intégré.

Quatre hublots, dont deux ouvrants, lui offrent à la fois lumière et ventilation.

Plusieurs versions sont disponibles : classique en Alpi merisier ou version zen en chêne clair.

Allures 45.9A l’arrière du bateau se trouve à bâbord, le local technique. Il dispose de nombreux rangements adaptés à votre matériel, d’un accès au lazaret, d’un pilote automatique, de secteurs de barre, d’un espace pour une machine à laver, d’une ouverture pour un groupe électrogène ainsi que d’un accès au cockpit. Le dessus de l’établi peut servir de couchage d’appoint.


L’Allures 45.9 existe par ailleurs en deux options. L’option dériveur intégral assure un échouage en toute autonomie. L’option quille relevable permet un tirant d’eau toujours réduit et l’économie de deux lests de ballastes. Favorisant ainsi la performance du bateau.

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