FUTURA Yacht: adjust the width of your cata! 

futura yacht systemsThe introduction of innovative FUTURA Yacht Systems holds out the possibility of transforming the sailing industry. The designers have examined the requirements of those who wish to own a yacht that provides ample space, but who are also looking for a more compact version when navigating inland waterways. The solution, which involves combining both options within a single vessel, is truly impressive.


Stable, safe and customdesigned catamaran

futura yacht systems

The boats have the level of stability that owners have come to expect, bringing together performance with all of the key elements of comfort. But the adjustable width of the catamaran ensures that a plethora of opportunities are opened up, allowing docking at standard width berths.

futura yacht systemsWhen at sea, the vessel has a width of almost 8 metres, which enables a stable platform to be created, dramatically reducing the risk of capsizing. If water does enter the boat, then sections of the hull can be closed off, as required, limiting the impact of any flooding as a result.

Safety has been a key futura yacht systemsconsideration within the design, which helps to explain why there are absolutely no obstacles within the living area that might otherwise provide trip hazards. With maximum protection against falling overboard too, every care has been taken to ensure that crew and passengers are kept safe at all times.


Comfortable and familyfriendly


futura yacht systemsOne of the advantages of the obstacle-free design is that FUTURA yachts are wheelchair friendly. In addition, a dedicated recreational area within the pod guarantees a safe environment in which young children can play. All of these elements contribute to the flexibility that boat owners understandably demand.

The overall sailing experience is improved by the use of central unitsfutura yacht systems and tanks, which act to reduce the impact of pitching, ensuring that life on-board is more relaxing as a result. The vessel also boasts a light interior, making use of extensive windows. Thought has been given to noise levels too, with machines being separated from the living area, in order to keep disturbance to an absolute minimum.


A FUTURA yacht provides flexibility, ensuring that there really are no limits. With the capacity to store up to 2,000 litres of diesel and a shallow draft, meaning that it’s possible to land on a range of beaches, a FUTURA yacht introduces a new, improved experience for yachting enthusiasts.

For more information about FUTURA Yacht Systems, you can either visit the FUTURA stand during the International Multihull Boat Show in La Grand Motte from April 13 to 17 in South of France or send an email at chooseyourboat@gmail.com, we will be pleased to reply to you really shortly!

MERRY FISHER 795:  the next generation in weekender boats


We are delighted to introduce the all new Jeanneau MERRY FISHER 795. This boat replaces the Merry Fisher 755, which was a very successful model at more than a thousand boats produced. It retains the keel and the hull of the Merry Fisher 755 along with the outboard motors. The hull is well known for its handling at sea, its good stability and with a very high level of performance with the 150-200HP outboard motors. This new model MERRY FISHER 795 incorporates many of the innovations made last year with the 695, but this time, as a larger boat, it offers even more.

MERRY FISHER 795: dynamic and innovative


The MERRY FISHER 795 has a dynamic and elegant design. It really is the next generation in weekender boats. One illustration is the distinctive new window shape, with the goal being to bring even more light on board.
Merry Fisher 795

This new generation of boats creates the opportunity for family cruising. That’s why they are called « weekenders ».
The optional platforms is a swim platform with teak decking and it is flush with the boat’s aft deck.
A real advantage with this is to have safe and easy access on board, with the ladder perfectly built-in. The cockpit gate, greatly facilitates boarding. Of course, when the gate is closed there is an extra seat set up with a cushion.

The cockpit of the MERRY FISHER 795 is very large. The standard layout comes with a large bench along the back. Owners have, as an option, an additional module which is removable and turns the cockpit into a large, friendly, U-shaped saloon. The table can also be used to transform the U into an aft sun deck. The table is used as the support for an additional cushion. We see an innovation introduced on the Merry Fisher 695. This, easy to use, sliding bench makes it possible to free up the space necessary for the engine to be tilted up so the propeller is out of the water.

The advantage of this system is be able to use the bench even when the engine is raised. The other benefit of the sliding bench is that it leaves more space for movement from one platform to another. On each side of the engin compartment there are steps which also greatly facilitate movement between platforms. Between the cockpit and the interior is a three panel sliding door. It creates a wide opening and makes for free and easy movement on board. At the entrance to the cabin you’ll find the circuit breaker box which is very easy to access.Merry Fisher 795
Access to the aft deck is safe and easy thanks to the starboard catwalk which is of good width.

There is also a handrail along the length of the roof. There is also a bow rail, a high bow rail which is open at the bow to facilitate landings from the front when one is facing the dock.

The foredeck is flat to facilitate anchorage while the anchor well is very large and deep. It can be equipped with an electric windlass to facilitate the raising of the anchor. On the foredeck, you can also equip this MERRY FISHER 795 with sun bed, which sets up two separate living areas; the aft cockpit with its sun deck and the foredeck as well, thus usiMerry Fisher 795ng all the space offered on the boat.

There are different engine options available. The 150HP outboard for a top speed of 29 knots and a cruising speed in excess of 20 knots. Or the 200HP for better acceleration, 32 knots top speed and a very comfortable cruising speed of 25 knots.

MERRY FISHER 795: cunning and comfortable

Inside the MERRY FISHER 795 you can see all the care Jeanneau has taken in designing this new model. Take for example the black dash board, it’s well designed, stylish, with an ergonomic instrumentation layout. The helm is the latest design, as are the pilots seats. We have also an optional black diamanté finish. This pilots seat folds forward to free up space on the kitchen counter. The standard kitchen is finished in white and is equipped with two sinks. A pressurized water system is standard. And as an option, there is an ARPA type black finish with a fixed gas stove. Which means that outside there is a compartment for a gas tank. This option also includes two stainless steel cup holders.Merry Fisher 795, space and tranquillity for family cruises


So whatever the options chosen, there is storage to the rear of the kitchen, storage under the counter top, with a large cupboard and a separate compartment reserved for the electrical system. And just opposite, you can equip the boat with a 42 liter refrigerator. The refrigerator, cleverly installed under the dinette, frees up space in the kitchen.

In terms of storage, owners can take advantage of storage located under the table, which uses as much of the space under the dinette as possible. There are also storage compartments under the floor.
The ergonomic dashboard design combines the GPS plotter, the engine instrumentation. It is also possible to equip the boat with a Fusion RA205 audio system that offers a Wi-Fi or Bluetooth connection for a mobile phone.

The saloon is large enough to accommodate four people facing each other for a meal. An advantage of the new window design, the downward slope in the windows, increases their size and provides more light, brings the window flush with the table and thus gives a better view of the sea. As a result, the side windows and the large one-piece windshield, without a central column, give the boat superb interior light. Ventilation is assured by the windows that open on both sides. And in the ceiling there is a large opening sunroof.

Forward, to starboard and under the dashboard there is a toilet. Optionally, the closed toilet compartment can be equipped with a marine toilet and a black water tank for proper environmental protection. Forward again, there is a good sized forward cabin that offers a double berth with, again, plenty of storage. There are cubby hole lockers to the port side and shelving to starboard to store bags and personal affairs.

Under the cushions there is a storage locker and a space to install a bow thruster that can significantly facilitate in-port maneuvering. Again in terms of berths, if one wishes to take advantage of additional berths, the dinette can be converted into a bed that can accommodate two children or one adult very comfortably. In this case the table is used as the support. It sits on these white ledges and then one adds additional cushions. A simple transformation that takes just a few minutes.

Merry Fisher 795One of the extra features of the dinette, as always with the Jeanneau Merry Fisher line, is the co-pilot bench seat. It is very simple to use. As one just slides back the table a bit and pulls back the backrest in order to have a co-pilot’s bench facing the sea at the same height and level with the pilots seat. It’s easy for the comfortable bench to seat one adult, or even to share it with a child facing the sea, and to enjoy the ride with the pilot.
Luminous, the new MERRY FISHER 795 has adopted a sleek design, impressive and very lively thanks to the outboard engine.

For more details about the MERRY FISHER 795 (specifications, size, prices, etc), click here or contact us directly by email: chooseyourboat@gmail.com

CAP CAMARAT 10.5 WA: the delights of the sea without limit


We are pleased to present the new CAP CAMARAT 10.5 WA. This is a brand new boat, it is in fact the prototype, and was making its boat show world premiere in Cannes. This is the largest Cap Camarat yet produced by Jeanneau. The Cap Camarat line has more than thirty years of history. The line is widely recognized in the small or « pocket » cruising ship market. This time with the largest CAP CAMARAT 10.5 WA to date, Jeanneau is aiming at the outboard motor yacht and cruiser markets.

CAP CAMARAT 10.5 WA: performant and clever


cap camarat 10.5 WA

The new CAP CAMARAT 10.5 WA combines firstly elegance and sportiness with her aggressive lines which are the work of Sarrazin design. The hull was designed by Michael Peters, a well-known American yacht designer, a leading expert in stepped hull design. Michael has been working with Jeanneau for many years and this time we decided on a stepped hull as we once did with the Cap Camarat 9.25.

But this time the hull forms a double step. This is a patented system that Michael Peters calls the Stepped “V” Ventilated Tunnel or SVVT. This patented design has already been used by Michael on fast outboard motorboats for the US Coast Guard and the US Army. The purpose of this particular stepped hull is to provide better comfort at high speed. The principle is simple: air is firstly taken in on the sides of the hull and then guided through channels, up to a large tunnel along the centerline which runs aft where this air creates a cushion effect, resulting in a decrease in drag and better CAP CAMARAT 10.5 WAfuel economy.

Access aboard the CAP CAMARAT 10.5 WA is really made easy by these large optional platforms at the stern. They are flush with the rest of the cockpit. These platforms are also very wide. They bracket and serve as protection for the outboard engines. Moving from one platform to another is possible and facilitated by the easily accessible handrails. Port side, we have a swimming ladder. There is cap camarat 10.5 WAalso a built-in storage bin, very handy when moored. Movement between the platforms and the rest of the cockpit is secured by the transom gate during navigation.

The cockpit saloon area is very large. It is up to 3.5 meters long when in the U-shaped configuration. You can also choose an L-shaped configuration by means of this foldaway bench which is very comfortable thanks to the backrest cushion. And if the customer wishes, it is also possible to equip the port side with a second foldaway cap camarat 10.5 WAbench seat to again increase seating capacity which makes for a very friendly atmosphere on board. So if one chooses not to equip the boat with the port side folding bench seat, you can choose to install in its place a large storage locker for fenders and other equipment.

The teak table is standard. It is supported by two legs, which, as an option, can be telescoping. This allows the table to be easily lowered, and with the side benches forms a large sun deck. Under this cockpit table, is a very large storage hold, so big and deep that Jeanneau has equipped it with an aluminum ladder to facilitate the use of the entire hold. The fuel tanks are located on each side of the hold, both have a 400 liter capacity. cap camarat 10.5

To the aft is a technical hold with access to his engine equipment. And this large hold will soon also house an optional generator. The generator allows for two things. First of all, the boat can be equipped with electrical equipment such as a glass-ceramic cooktop or grill, which can be used while at anchor. And owners can also enjoy the advantages of air conditioning, even while cruising.

Facing the cockpit saloon is an outdoor kitchen with an electric grill and a double sink. As an option this sink can be replaced by a livewell, which will delight anglers. Inside the deck kitchen unit there is an optional 42 liter refrigerator, very handy when one lives at anchor. There are also storage drawers, a large storage locker, and many cup holders on this boat. There are four cup holders located on either side of the wet bar.

Just forward, is the leaning post type pilots bench, with very comfortable seats and a good level of comfort. There arecap camarat 10.5 three seats. Front cushions fold up to form bolster type seating for standing at the helm. The helm is placed amidships, to have good vision over the bow, and also between the co-pilots to be able to share the helm while cruising.

The driver also has fold-away armrests for a good level of comfort. You will notice that the co-pilots each have a convenient grab rail for safer cruising. Moving around the cockpit is possible to port but also to starboard with a secondary passage that is very useful for maneuvers in port.

The cockpit is complete with a truly refined design, good level of finish, black trim, and a large dashboard which can be equipped with a 12 inch touch screen. If desired there is space for two 12 inch touch screens or a single large central screen. The helm can be equipped with a tilting wheel depending on the engine chosen. Here you cap camarat 10.5 WAhave the thruster control. Below the wheel and to the side there are storage compartments, this one is equipped with a lock.

Access to the bow is via the main gangway port side. There is also another side deck located to starboard. Which is indispensable when cruising. Access is made secure by a high bow rail. So it’s easy to get around the sun pad. The sun deck has two chaise lounges. I use the term chaise lounges because both sun beds are equipped with adjustable cap camarat 10.5 WAbackrests.

The sun deck is fully integrated into the design of the boat. This gives the boat a very elegant look, even when the cushions are not installed. Of course in this central isle, one can come add additional cushions in order to have a very large sun bed across the beam of the boat. The CAP CAMARAT 10.5 WA is equipped with a large glass windshield. It is equipped with windshield wiper which is very useful when the boat is fitted with a convertible top and cruising in bad weather.

CAP CAMARAT 10.5 WA: friendly and modern cockpit

The headroom is outstanding. There is a good volume below decks. The interior is bathed in light thanks to the hull windows. Good ventilation is provided by the portholes in both hull windows. The deck window also provides an CAP CAMARAT 10.5 WAadditional light source. The forward saloon is a very good size. But it can also be transformed into a separate cabin. Thanks to a curtain system that closes the space and which is stored, well hidden, in a closet.

Jeanneau has paid close attention to storage needs, with closets on both sides, a wardrobe and also storage spaces on both sides behind the backrest. There are also storage lockers under the seats, so really plenty of space to store equipment on board.
The galley is also very comfortable with a two burner gas cook top, a sink, cupboards all around and more storage to the rear. There is also a large 80 liter refrigerator.

And now aft, we have the second cabin. So, there are two double berths on board, both ergonomically well laid out.CAP CAMARAT 10.5 WA This cabin is located aft under the cockpit. Nevertheless we have enough headroom to sit comfortably and sleep with either head forward or aft as desired. The cabin has a hull window on the starboard side and technical works passing on the port side. To provide ventilation and light, there are two port windows, one on each side, below the leaning post.

The rear cabin also has plenty of storage space. There is storage space under the berths, also to the port side there is a hanging closet and to starboard a storage locker and shelves for a large space to store personal affairs.
To conclude the visit of the boat’s interior, to starboard there is a very beautiful bathroom, with separate shower, washbasin and a large seat type cover to hide the toilet. A marine toilet is standard, but the WC can also be electric and use fresh water as options.

The boat’s interior design was particularly well thought out, with indirect LED lighting in the ceiling, and LED strips on each side of the saloon. And in the same way the entire exterior of the boat can be equipped with LED lighting to give it a warm and festive atmosphere on the outside.

To conclude, we can say that this new CAP CAMARAT 10.5 WA is both elegant and sporty. Above all, it gives rise to a new way of thinking about cruising that is both fast and comfortable.

For more details about the CAP CAMARAT 10.5 WA (specifications, size, prices, etc) click here or contact us directly by email at: chooseyourboat@gmail.com.