FUTURA Yacht: adjust the width of your cata! 

futura yacht systemsThe introduction of innovative FUTURA Yacht Systems holds out the possibility of transforming the sailing industry. The designers have examined the requirements of those who wish to own a yacht that provides ample space, but who are also looking for a more compact version when navigating inland waterways. The solution, which involves combining both options within a single vessel, is truly impressive.

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MERRY FISHER 795:  the next generation in weekender boats


We are delighted to introduce the all new Jeanneau MERRY FISHER 795. This boat replaces the Merry Fisher 755, which was a very successful model at more than a thousand boats produced. It retains the keel and the hull of the Merry Fisher 755 along with the outboard motors. The hull is well known for its handling at sea, its good stability and with a very high level of performance with the 150-200HP outboard motors. This new model MERRY FISHER 795 incorporates many of the innovations made last year with the 695, but this time, as a larger boat, it offers even more. Lire la suite

CAP CAMARAT 10.5 WA: the delights of the sea without limit


We are pleased to present the new CAP CAMARAT 10.5 WA. This is a brand new boat, it is in fact the prototype, and was making its boat show world premiere in Cannes. This is the largest Cap Camarat yet produced by Jeanneau. The Cap Camarat line has more than thirty years of history. The line is widely recognized in the small or « pocket » cruising ship market. This time with the largest CAP CAMARAT 10.5 WA to date, Jeanneau is aiming at the outboard motor yacht and cruiser markets. Lire la suite