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Monthly Archives: juin 2015

Cartouche 95The Cartouche 95’  is a luxury catamaran that has been constructed using high tech materials, with a French firm focus on providing a unique combination of comfort and safety, together with an impressive level of performance. Here is a short description of this Cathyacht exclusive offer*.Cartouche 95

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Dufour 460The Dufour 460 Grand Large is the successor of the extraordinary Dufour 445 and 450 GL. As would be expected of the latest vessel from Dufour Yachts, the 460 GL is a yacht that combines exquisite levels of comfort with an impressive level of performance.

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Dufour 460Dufour Yachts présentera son nouveau modèle en avant-première au Cannes Yachting Festival du 8 au 13 septembre 2015. Le Dufour 460 Grand Large, digne successeur des Dufour 445 et 450 Grand Large, pousse les performances et le confort à l’extrême, tout en conservant l’état d’esprit de la marque.

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