BENETEAU et SUZUKI : 50 ans de Salon Nautique !

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beneteau suzukiCette année, au Nautic de Paris 2014, BENETEAU et SUZUKI célébreront leurs 50 ans de Salon Nautique ensemble. Les deux marques y sont en effet présentes depuis 1964. Cette année-là, la troisième édition du Salon de la Plaisance ouvrait ses portes en plein chantier du quartier d’affaires de la Défense. BENETEAU faisait alors son entrée sur la scène nautique française avec la présentation de ses premiers bateaux en polyester. Suzuki écrivait les premières pages de son histoire motonautique.


beneteau suzuki

Mais en cinquante ans, de l’eau a coulé sous les ponts … de Paris. Le Salon de la Plaisance est en effet devenu le Nautic de la Porte de Versailles. Bénéteau et Suzuki, les deux leaders mondiaux incontestés de leur secteur, multiplient les collaborations et partenariats. Les deux marques célébreront en décembre prochain leurs cinquante ans de présence au Salon Nautique de Paris.


Flyer 6

A cette occasion, 3 Flyers Bénéteau remonteront symboliquement les 50 kilomètres de bord de Seine conduisant de l’Ile des Impressionnistes à Port Javel dans le 15e arrondissement de Paris. Ils seront escortés par 4 mythiques motos VanVan Suzuki customisées aux couleurs anniversaires des deux marques.

A l’issue de ces « 50èmes Rugissants », Flyer et VanVan rejoindront les stands Bénéteau du Nautic. Ces versions uniques de la légendaire moto Suzuki, re-dessinées par Style & Design et préparées par MFC Paris, seront offertes après tirage au sort aux acquéreurs d’un bateau signé pendant la durée du Salon.  

Cette nouvelle génération de Flyer de Bénéteau, dessinée par Style & Design, bénéficie pour sa motorisation des dernières technologies Suzuki Marine. Cette étroite collaboration s’accompagne au niveau européen d’accords pour le développement et le renouvellement de l’ensemble des gammes hors-bords.



BENETEAU and SUZUKI: 50 Years of Boat Show!

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beneteau suzukiFor nearly fifty years, Beneteau and Suzuki have represented the pinnacle of sailing and motorsports respectively.  Since their debut in 1964 at the third annual Paris Boat Show, these two powerhouses have become world leaders in the boating community. Thanks to a number of past and ongoing partnerships, they have indeed come a long way.  To celebrate this rich history and to pay homage to the very event that had initially caused their rise to stardom, both will be marking their fiftieth anniversaries at the upcoming Paris Boat Show.

Commemorating Their Synergy with Style

beneteau suzuki

At this next event, spectators can expect nothing less than awe-inspiring displays of perfection from both Beneteau and Suzuki.  Four bespoke and stylised VanVan motorbikes prepared by MFC Paris will be on display; each bearing the colours of these magnificent brands.  However, we can naturally anticipate a bit of streamlined action alongside such attractions.

A trio of Beneteau Flyers will sail from the Ile des Impressionnistes to Port Javel (in Paris).  This stretch of fifty kilomatres along the Seine River will be accompanied by the Suzuki motorbikes flanking the Flyers.  Known as the « Furious 50s », fans of racing and sailing will enjoy a once-in-a-lifetime spectacle while reminiscing about how much progress both leaders have made.  Thereafter, the bikes and the boats will head over to the stands.  Perhaps most importantly, the motorbikes will be raffled off to a lucky winner who signed a boat purchase contract during the event itself.  So, there are many more rewards than simply partaking in the spectacles of sailing and racing.

While these bikes were crafted by none other than Style & Design, it is worth noting that the Beneteau Flyers also employ the latest technological innovations by Suzuki Marine for their propulsion.

Flyer 6In many ways, these two companies have reinvented the world of sailing.  Thanks to such a rich history, we should only expect this close collaboration to continue.  Furthermore, European accords between Suzuki and Beneteau will additionally encourage the renewal and development of the entire range of outboard motors.  Indeed, this anniversary will certainly be one to remember.

All Images : DR BENETEAU

BALI 4.5: Sailing on an Open lliving Space!



The new BALI 4.5 just has been launched by the CATANA Group, a French company which has 30 years experience in catamarans. Using proven design methods and high quality materials, CATANA melds high performance and safety with practicality and convenience in this catamaran.

Many Areas in an Open Space concept!


Bali 4.5The difference between a catamaran and a regular boat is evident at first glance, a catamaran is defined by it’s double hull and simple one or two sail system. This allows for a wide deck with plenty of space for whatever your intentions might be. The catch phrase with the BALI 4.5 is Open Space, and this theme follows the boat through its many areas.


Starting with the forward sundeck, this area has space to seat twelve comfortably with a gigantic Bali 4.5area of 20 m squared. The cabin and kitchen are next, the open feeling continuing with the ability to slide away all of the large windows, giving conversation and air unrestricted flow from outside to in.


Moving backwards, the large covered seating area aft has tables and deck open to the water. Atop the cabin, next to the helm, there is more sun deck area. The helm itself is covered with seating for two.

Bali 4.5

Three cabins are found below deck, the master to one side and two guest cabins to the other.

Two bathrooms offer a degree of privacy as guests need not infringe on the master suit for use of the facilities.

Bali 4.5

There are showers in each, further adding convenience. All these spaces are linked by wide steps and easy to grasp hand rails with thoughts to greater mobility and safety. Intelligent storage can be found in high volumes throughout the whole.

The BALI 4.5 offers Modern Conveniences


Bali 4.5Longer excursions dictate the need for modern conveniences. The kitchen has everything that one might want: a huge fridge and freezer complete with ice machine, espresso machine, oven / range. A trash compactor in the large double sink makes doing away with kitchen refuse a breeze. A dish washer completes the kitchen.


In the master bathroom, a clothes washer is Bali 4.5available for use. Power is available throughout for whatever electronic device you wish to bring for business or entertainment. The boat systems themselves are all touch screen controlled and provide informative tutorials for those learning the controls. All in all, taking a ride on this boat does not mean leaving behind civilization but bringing it with you to the open water.

Safety and ease of handling


The BALI 4.5 is designed for safety and ease of handling. To operate this catamaran, only one helmsman is needed. Electronic winches assist in raising and lowering sail with the system also being a self-tacking Solent, assisting in maneuverability. The sail area to light displacement ratio is the highest in its class, meaning added safety and performance.

Bali 4.5Although the BALI 4.5 can make way with only slight breezes, there are times when the winds do not cooperate. For this, two engines are provided that can work in tandem or be operated one at a time to conserve fuel and promote engine life. The prop has folding blades that retract when the engine is not running to provide les drag when sailing the catamaran in wind. Water tank capacity is 800 liters with a 200 liter / hour water maker system attached. It should be noted that this system only works when the engines are running.

Bali 4.5


The BALI 4.5 Open Space is an excellent choice for many  vocations.

Whether the intent is fishing, entertaining or simply a safe, easy boat to bring out for the sheer love of sailing, this catamaran is worth a serious consideration. CATANA has a proven history of making safe, elegant boats and the modern features put into this one can only speak to an attention to detail and a knowledge of sailing found in the truly passionate. Old sea salts and younger captains alike can appreciate the elegance and simplicity of this most excellent CATANA catamaran.

Should you be interested in getting more information about the new BALI 4.5 (brochure, sea trial, quote…), please click here or send us an email to


DUFOUR 382 Grand Large: High Flexibility, Innovation and Comfort


The DUFOUR 382 Grand Large is the 27th boat to be developed as a result of the long-term cooperation between DUFOUR and the respected naval architect, Umberto Felci. It has been dubbed the ‘flexible innovator’ and follows on from the success of the previous 365, 375 and 380 models, with various changes made in order to improve both the performance and comfort levels.


Dufour 382

Despite its high performance capability, the design basis of the DUFOUR 382 Grand Large is a simple, easy sailing experience. An emphasis has been placed on space and ease of use, ensuring that owners are able to sail the boat either on their own, or with additional crew members, depending on their individual needs and preferences.

Maximum Performance, Minimum Effort

Turning to their previous track record in developing both full yachts and racing yachts, the DUFOUR 382 Grand Large manages to include various design points of the latter. In the process, they have created a faster boat, which is capable of better overall performance levels than previous models.Dufour 382

When designing the boat, DUFOUR adopted an approach of wanting owners to be able to achieve the highest performance levels with minimal effort required. The high aspect ratio of the rig layout provides maximum sail lift and optimum efficiency, while an optional second winch also allows for further boosts to performance.

Increased Comfort

By making use of feedback provided by 65, 375 and 380 model clients, a number of notable design changes have been implemented, in order to ensure that the DUFOUR 382 Grand Large provides the best comfort levels possible and offers an improved all-round experience for those on board.
Dufour 382Both the cockpit and helmsman area are 10cm longer than on the previous 380 model, giving those aboard the boat a lot more room to work with. The seats in the cockpit are both wider and longer, providing additional space and comfort, while the galley has been designed to fit 8 people. It allows easy access to the sofas and accommodates a table which can be extended from its original length of just under 1m all the way up to 1.4m.


One of the major strengths of the 382 Grand Large is its customisation potential. The boat was designed specifically with customisation in mind, allowing the needs of all customers to be met. The gallery area, in particular, allows for excellent scope in terms of modification. Six different layouts are available.

Dufour 382

Customers are able to make use of a traditional L-shaped gallery, or a more Mediterranean layout, enabling DUFOUR to appeal to the needs and preferences of people from a variety of locations around the world. Moreover, making use of the longitudinal galley layout opens up the possibility of a second head. The Grand Large can provide a challenge to many of the bigger boats on the market.

Should you be interested in seeing the new DUFOUR 382 Grand Large soon, please not that she will be on display at the Paris (Nautic) and Düsseldorf boat shows.

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