Sun Odyssey 349: a Fantastic, Innovative and Spacious Ten-MeterYacht!


The new Sun Odyssey 349 by Jeanneau is really FANTASTIC! The Choose Your Boat team discovered her in Cannes last March in Cannes during a sea trial. Here is everything you should know! If you are looking for a new sailboat for family cruising, the Jeanneau Sun Odyssey 349 will meet your every requirement. This fantastic boat combines stability, performance and innovative design. It provides easy handling together with comfort, boasting many features traditionally only found on larger vessels.


Sun Odyssey 349Twin helms and running gear innovations


The Jeanneau Sun Odyssey 349 is a ten-meter (thirty-four foot) yacht with a large swim platform aft. This is adjacent to two large lockers, one of which is for the lifeboat and the other for lines and fenders.  You spend eighty per cent of your time in the cockpit of a boat and the Sun Odyssey 349 caters for this by providing a spacious area containing seating and a generously-sized folding table.Sun Odyssey 349


The wide aft section has twin helms as standard. Each helm-station has a wheel, winch, electronic control panel and compass. The winch has the mainsheet and jib sheet coming back to it, making it very easy to control the boat from this point. The electronic control panel provides centralised management of the GPS, autopilot and instrumentation.


Jeanneau has proudly introduced to the Sun Odyssey 349 innovations utilised on race boats, dinghies and offshore vessels. The first of these is the use of a wide bridle for the mainsheet, a system taken from the racing world. On a boat of this size there would normally be two pulleys. But the problem with this is that the triangle they form can easily become distorted, making it very difficult to bring the boom back to the centre line.  With a Y-bridle, the distance between the lower block and the upper block is very slight and this allows much better control of the mainsail.


Sun Odyssey 349The second innovation is the use of friction rings for genoa sheet leads, usually seen on America’s Cup boats and offshore vessels, but here brought to a family cruising boat because due to its simplicity it allows for excellent trim of the sail. At the bow of the yacht there is an anchor locker with optional bowsprit. It allows for easy use of a code zero or asymmetrical sail. The anchor locker is spacious, allowing plenty of room for the anchor and also the optional electric windlass. There is an offset anchor roller, which for boats without the optional bowsprit is straight.


A further innovation on deck is that there is no backstay whatsoever, thus instead of having swept back Sun Odyssey 349spreaders at twelve degrees, the spreaders are swept back at thirty degrees, providing incredible stability of the mast and allowing you to sail at all points of sail in all conditions. This also greatly improves the ergonomics of the cockpit. Meaning there is nothing obstructing your back when sitting at the helm and has allowed the helm-stations to be pushed as far outboard as possible for greater visibility.


Spacious galley and saloon


Sun Odyssey 349The hull design incorporates positive sheer, resulting in a much higher deck-line in the middle of the boat. Classically the sheer-line is slightly curved from the bow towards the stern, such as in a Viking boat. But on the Sun Odyssey 349 the curve actually goes very slightly in the other direction. So, that creates substantially more volume in the centre of the boat, where you really want it, in the saloon. This ten-metre boat therefore has a very spacious saloon for its size.



The galley of the Sun Odyssey 349 is well equipped. It contains high-end counter-tops, stainless steel sink, oven, grill, hob and refrigerator. There is also ample storage comprising upper cabinets, which include the possibility of microwave installation, drawers and lower cabinets that house a cutlery drawer, plenty of shelves, basket and rubbish bin. This is normally the type of galley you would find on a twelve-meter boat. So it is perfect for family cruising or sailing with friends.Sun Odyssey 349


The main saloon is extremely user-friendly. It features comfortable seating around a table with two folding leaves. That provides a very large surface area when fully opened and allows easy access to the forward cabin when folded down. The chart table is adjacent to the seating area. It can be folded up to create extra room when dining. And beneath it is an optional freestanding seat. It can be pulled out when required to enable six or seven people to be seated comfortably around the table.


Up to three cabins and generous head compartment


Sun Odyssey 349The forward cabin has a good-sized bed with innovative double doors that enable the cabin to have lots of light and ventilation, as well as creating a sense of spaciousness and ensuring a fully private cabin at night. The aft cabin also has a large bed, which is much more rectangular than you would find on previous generations. This is due to the wider hull with the hard chine. There are no cockpit lockers on this side of the boat. So there is a lot more headroom, light and ventilation, with additional indirect lighting coming down the hull and a single door to provide night-time privacy.


On the opposite side of the boat to the aft cabin is the head compartment. It contains the toilet, wash basin, fully separate shower with shower door, a hanging rail for wet towels or clothes. It benefits also from a direct access through a door to the back sail locker. This is also accessible from the cockpit via a hatch. This handy storage area is usually only found on much bigger boats. The boat can optionally be fitted with a third cabin. This would take the place of the sail locker, but allows you the unusual advantage of being able to have three cabins on a ten-meter boat.Sun Odyssey 349


The Jeanneau Sun Odyssey 349 has been designed with family cruising in mind. But it is incredibly versatile due to its sizeable cockpit and generous interior volume that is bursting with useful features.


This yacht is simple to use. It has an easy sail plan. You will find the high performance hull very stable underway. So all-round this is a great boat, particularly for its ten-meter size.


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PRESTIGE 750 : innovante, luxueuse, spacieuse et déjà une vraie VEDETTE !


La PRESTIGE 750 est un nouveau yacht luxueux qui a charmé l’équipe Choose Your Boat lors de son lancement à Cannes ! Cette nouvelle vedette est la plus grande de la gamme  PRESTIGE YACHTS. Elle a été lancée sous le signe de l’innovation et de la modernité à l’occasion des 25 ans du chantier. Elle offre un très bel espace de vie à l’extérieur comme en témoigne son très grand cockpit, son magnifique flybridge et un intérieur hors pair. Cette nouveauté est un bateau très marin qui, grâce à un aménagement bien pensé, bénéficie d’une carène très performante.


L’espace de vie est grandiose !


Prestige 750Toute l’idée du bateau est d’offrir de grands espaces de vie en continuité. Tous les éléments se suivent, s’imbriquent. L’harmonie est parfaite et comme tous les éléments d’aménagement sont bas, la vue est dégagée. Par exemple, la cuisine est à proximité  immédiate de la salle à manger, du salon, du cockpit et non loin du flybridge. Sa position stratégique, sa modernité et sa discrétion sont véritablement les éléments de succès du PRESTIGE 750 car elle s’intègre parfaitement dans les aménagements.


Dans la même logique, la salle à manger, à l’entrée du bateau, face à la cuisine, dispose d’une Prestige 750table en verre qui laisse passer la lumière. Malgré sa taille généreuse, elle n’est pas imposante, bien au contraire. Beaucoup d’espace, de confort et de rangements caractérisent cette somptueuse salle à manger située en continuité du salon. Ce dernier, contrairement aux autres vedettes de cette taille, se situe au centre du bateau. C’est en effet ici que les mouvements sont les plus doux et la vue sur l’extérieur la plus belle. !


A l’avant de cette zone, légèrement à l’écart, la timonerie permet au capitaine de mener le bateau de manière autonome depuis l’ensemble du bord. Une porte électrique donne un accès direct sur l’extérieur et apporte une aide précieuse pour les manœuvres et le contrôle du bateau. L’harmonie et la continuité des pièces sont donc au cœur de l’aménagement du bateau. La cabine propriétaire suit naturellement cette logique. De plain pied, elle est l’élément très innovant du concept de ce 75 pieds qui offre un espace de vie très exceptionnel !


Unique: la cabine propriétaire de plain pied !Prestige 750

Cette cabine de plain pied avec le salon ne se retrouve habituellement que sur les grands yachts de 90 à 100 pieds. L’architecte Vittorio Garoni a réussi l’exploit de concilier cet aménagement moderne sur un bateau de 75 pieds. Le résultat est bluffant. La cabine propriétaire, immense, offre une salle de bain avec une très grande douche ainsi qu’une penderie en continuité. La lumière en provenance du skylight, du pont et du haut de la coque est très généreuse. Elle pénètre le bateau aussi bien au port que le long d’un autre bateau dans la mesure où le haut de la coque reste une zone dégagée. Eloignée des moteurs, elle est un espace de vie extrêmement silencieux et serein.



Cabines luxueuses pour recevoir dignement vos invités !


Prestige-750_ (4) (Large)Cette formule d’aménagement spécifique intégrant la cabine propriétaire à l’avant du bateau a permis, lors de la construction, de libérer toute une zone destinée aux invités. En bas de l’escalier, trois cabines. La cabine VIP est presque aussi grande qu’une cabine propriétaire d’un bateau de 75 pieds conventionnel. Les deux cabines invités sont également très volumineuses. L’absence de corridor permet de consacrer la largeur de la coque à ces deux cabines. La cabine VIP a sa propre salle de bain et sa propre penderie. Elle est d’une taille similaire à celle de la cabine propriétaire.

La formule du constructeur est donc magique puisqu’elle permet d’avoir un gain d’espace et de confort important. Le propriétaire pourra choisir d’habiter soit dans cette cabine conventionnelle, soit à l’avant du bateau. Tout comme la cabine propriétaire, l’isolation de la cabine VIP assure la tranquillité et le confort des occupants. Toujours dans la continuité, une grande salle de bain est à la disposition des passagers.


Dans cette partie du bateau, l’idée de l’aménagement séparé en deux zones a évité la construction d’un corridor qui, habituellement, fait office de couloir Prestige 750central synonyme de grande perte de place. L’absence de corridor a donc permis, en contre partie, de sur-dimensionner les cabines invités. Les troisième et quatrième cabines , avec leurs deux lits simples, peuvent devenir de grandes chambres double très volumineuses.

Les espaces de rangement sont ici très soignés et les penderies très grandes. Les cabines invités sont grandes et confortables. Elles profitent de la même salle de bain située en jonction directe avec la cabine bâbord (cabine VIP).


Le bateau a été conçu pour être aussi agréable en mer que durant les escales. Bien qu’il soit un bateau marin, la PRESTIGE 750 reste agréable qu’elle soit au port ou au mouillage, grâce notamment à un espace de vie au décor « zen » volontairement choisi afin d’apporter une ambiance  extrêmement relaxante…mais sans extrême! L’objectif du PRESTIGE 750 est de fournir au propriétaire une vie sur l’eau des plus agréables.


Prestige 750Dans un bateau de cette taille, l’équipage est un aspect essentiel. Comme dans les autres PRESTIGE, la cabine skipper se situe à l’arrière du bateau pour rendre cette zone facilement accessible, confortable, lumineuse et bien aérée. Ici, l’équipage a un accès direct à la zone de vie (2 couchettes) et à la zone technique. Les finitions de la cabine skipper sont identiques à celles des autres cabines. Ainsi, de par sa position, cette cabine offre beaucoup de lumière, d’aération, de confort et un accès direct à l’extérieur. Dans cette cabine, la finition intérieure est la même que pour les autres cabines. Elle n’est donc pas une cabine secondaire mais une vraie cabine. Finalement, nous pouvons dire que ce PRESTIGE 750 offre cinq cabines de même standing.

L’espace technique, également à l’arrière, est zone vitale. Elle est accessible à chaque instant et de manière indépendante afin de ne pas perturber la vie du bord.


Une motorisation sous le signe de la perfection !Prestige 750


La motorisation allemande MAN choisie est classique avec ligne d’arbre en MAN 1000 ou MAN 1200. L’objectif est de permettre aux propriétaires d’obtenir une performance et un rendement optimal dans des vitesses auxquelles ils naviguent habituellement, qui se situent généralement entre 25 et 28 nœuds.

Dans ces conditions, La PRESTIGE 750 a une autonomie de plus de 300 miles en vitesse maximum de 28 nœuds ainsi qu’un rendement nettement supérieur à la moyenne des vedettes de 75 pieds. La technologie employée pour la construction du bateau a permis de gagner beaucoup de poids. La fabrication en infusion, les dessins de la carène et l’aménagement de la cabine propriétaire surélevée à l’avant permettent d’atteindre les performances précédemment exposées.


Prestige 750Technologie de construction et motorisation fiable sont donc les ingrédients les plus importants pour faire de cette vedette un grand bateau de croisière. D’ailleurs, le constructeur a choisi la motorisation MAN pour donner le maximum de fiabilité à ce bateau professionnel. Il y a ajouté deux groupes électrogènes KOHLER de 20 kWatt. Comme dans tous les bateaux modernes de cette taille, un stabilisateur seakeeper va vous permettre de réduire considérablement le tangage. Vous bénéficierez en plus d’un système à air conditionné à eau.




Un îlot de rêves sur l’immense fPrestige 750lybridge


Sur la PRESTIGE 750, le constructeur a voulu tout faire XXL. Le passavant est très généreux, très sécurisé et très protégé. L’escalier menant au flybridge est à l’image du cockpit et possède une taille surdimensionnée. Le cockpit de la PRESTIGE 750 est très grand pour un 75 pieds. Dans cette zone, le constructeur a choisi d’avoir une zone de pilotage avant volontairement décentrée afin de faciliter les manœuvres. Cette partie du bateau offre quatre à cinq places à l’avant augmentant le confort lors de la navigation. Ici, l’électronique est complète et les rangements sont nombreux.


Un toit ouvrant, fournit en option, permet d’ouvrir intégralement le hard top afin de profiter au maximum du soleil. Le concept du flybridge est d’offrirPrestige 750 une zone de vie immense avec un bain de soleil, une cuisine complète avec frigidaire et ice-maker, une grande table pour huit personnes. L’ espace est épuré d’une manière générale. A l’arrière, une grue vous permet de mettre à l’eau un jet ski jusqu’à 500 kg ou bien une annexe. Juste à coté, sur un très grand balcon, des chaises longues peuvent être installées afin de prendre le soleil. Un store banne vous permet même de vous exposer tout en vous protégeant du soleil. Le flybridge est donc un espace de vie, très spacieux qui offre un confort que l’on trouve généralement sur un bateau de 85 – 90 pieds.


Pour conclure, cette nouvelle PRESTIGE se distingue aussi bien par son aménagement inédit pour cette taille de bateau que par ses qualités marines. Cette nouvelle vedette très distinguée est spacieuse et confortable. Elle présente des zones de vie de taille que l’on retrouve généralement sur des bateaux bien plus grands.Prestige 750


Nous espérons que cette visite guidée vous a séduit ! Pour obtenir plus d’informations sur la Prestige 750 (devis personnalisé, demande de rendez-vous ou d’essai en mer…), cliquez ici ou envoyez-nous un mail à



NC 14 by Jeanneau: Your Maritime Passport to Bliss


In reference to maritime style and sophistication, the NC 14 is considered to be the flagship in the Jeanneau line of boats. There are several unique characteristics that set this model apart from the majority of luxury boats currently on the market. These will allow the NC 14 to be ideal for leisure cruises, long-term excursions or indeed any activity that requires both luxury and functionality. So, it proves wise to have a further look at some of the amenities that this model has to offer.


NC14_ (56) (Large)

 Accommodations and Design

Like all NC models, this version embraces the concept of a « flat on the water ». Using flush flooring surfaces, multipurpose furniture and an open environment, the very social nature of this boat is clear. This is largely accomplished by modular furniture and features such as a galley that remains hidden on the port side until it needs to be used. Likewise, the aft saloon can be adjusted to accommodate for more space; again stressing the modular and adaptable nature of this boat.


One of the unique features of all NC models by Jeanneau is the fact that many of the functional items are obscured from view, thus allowing for NC 14maximum comfort while on the water. Not only does this include the aforementioned fully functional galley, but a massive storage unit located below the main quarters provides ample space for a variety of stowage purposes.  Thus, a marriage of form and function is easily seen in the NC 14.


NC 14Sparing no expense, another highlight of this model is the large and open seating area. From fold-out tables to plush couches and the ability to utilise curtains to separate these quarters from the pilot’s area, an added sense of privacy and relaxation can be encountered.


Relaxation Defined


Another feature that has been espoused in this model is the ability for all guests to relax while on any excursion. A stunning example of this is a dining area that can be easily transformed into a comfortable sofa. Large glass windows provide excellent views of the sea while the electrically powered overhead skylights offer ample lighting.

NC 14

The roomy sleeping cabin provides a wide berth for two people to rest comfortably. A large single bed can also be modified into two separate beds if necessary. The guest cabin can similarly be transformed from a single sleeping area into two double berths. Private bathroom access is also provided for the guest room.


NC 14This Jeanneau model comes in two versions. Two cabins and two toilet areas are available while in another version, the second bathroom is conveniently modified to contain a desk and a movable seat. The bathrooms themselves are quite spacious; boasting a separate toilet and an impressive shower compartment that would rival any home-based unit.


Modern Navigation


The NC 14 is equipped with a feature known as IPS drive. This system is available in two models; the IPS 500 offering a Volvo engine with higher
horsepower and a top speed above an impressive thirty knots. The advantage that the IPS system provides is that regardless of speed, fuel consumption remains constant.  This immensely saves on petrol during any journey. It can be easily controlled by joystick and steering wheel, therefore allowing the boat to be navigated with ease. A sliding door equipped in the pilot’s area provides easy access to the gangway. This system will also enable the captain to more easily dock the boat.NC 14


Espousing a melange of all of the traditional elements in the range of NC models, the Jeanneau NC 14 is the definition of style, space and luxury.  These are some of the primary reasons as to why this truly magnificent boat continues to attract so much attention.


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PRESTIGE 750, a Perfect Modern Yacht for You and Your Guests!



The PRESTIGE 750 is the flagship boat of the PRESTIGE YACHTS brand. Despite her scale, she retains an impressive array of family-friendly features. With a top speed of 28.5 knots and an extensive selection of beautiful accessories, she provides the perfect setting for spending time with family and friends. Below is a detailed tour made just for you by Choose Your Boat!


PRESTIGE 750A high spacious and quality interior


Every aspect of the interior of the yacht has been designed and built to the very highest standards. The galley has been intelligently positioned towards the back of the boat, ensuring that it offers easy access to all of her internal and external features. A dining area, on the starboard side, boasts a beautifully created glass table.

Prestige 750

The interior makes use of quality oak designs throughout and clients are able to choose between 3 different types of interior decor. A lounge area is designed to be cosy and perfect for those who are wishing to be sociable, while including an integral television set.


The master cabin is particularly impressive and comparable to the cabins found on much larger yachts. This cabin offers privacy and separation from other guests, while there is also an abundance of natural light. There are 3 hatches within the roof space and two of these can be opened, ensuring that there is a cooling supply of fresh air available. The higher level of the cabin means that natural light and ventilation are available, even when in port.


The suite bathroom is fully equipped and includes a power shower. There is also a walk-in wardrobe available, as is the case with other boats in the PRESTIGE range.


PRESTIGE 750Impressive guest facilities


There is a generous amount of guest accommodation, including a VIP cabin, which is located on the lower deck. The PRESTIGE 750 VIP cabin is of a similar size to the master cabin and also includes a suite bathroom.


Rich materials and contemporary designs are used throughout the interior of the PRESTIGE 750, including within the two twin guest cabins. She is also equipped with air conditioning, although the compressors have been located in the engine room, reducing noise levels and the inconvenience that might otherwise be caused.


A high performance yacht


As would be expected, the pilot house is located at the front of the PRESTIGE 750. It is on a raised level, providing excellent visibility for her captain. As Prestige 750standard she is equipped with two MIN 1200 engines, each boast 1,200 horse power. In order to control her more easily, an optional joystick can be provided for the skipper.


The stabilisation system, manufactured by US specialists Seakeeper, offers extra stability when the boat is at anchor and is effective for protecting against the impact of sea-sickness.


The laminates used on the exterior surfaces ensure the best compromise between weight and resistance, representing the most high technology approach available within the yacht construction industry.


Prestige 750: Built for fun


PRESTIGE 750A generous fly bridge, including a sunbathing area of some 10 square metres, also features a dedicated area for water toys. With a barbecue, fridge and ice maker, the fly bridge offers the perfect location for entertaining. The forward area contains the navigation systems, reflecting the equipment that is found within the pilot cabin below deck.


The modern half top makes uses of an electric system to allow for automatic opening and closing. It’s also possible to opt for more traditional fly bridge beaming.


An integral crane allows for the launch of a Jet Ski or dinghy, weighing no more than 500 kilograms.


There is a spacious side deck, which includes access for the skipper. This area of the boat includes a sunbathing area, together with additional seating. Prestige 750The forward area is very clean, allowing an excellent view of the boat. Despite the size of the PRESTIGE 750, it has an incredibly sleek design.


A compact engine room


The engine room can be accessed using one of two available hatches. One of which is located within the crew quarters, close to the rear platform. The platform itself provides added flexibility, allowing you and your family to swim from this part of the PRESTIGE 750.


The crew quarters include a single cabin, with twin beds. There is also a shower room and toilet. The crew area has been built with the same high specification materials that have been used elsewhere.


Although able to reach top speeds of around 28.5 knots, she is optimised for a cruising speed of around 20-22 knots, which suits the needs of most clients. At 20 knots, she has a fuel consumption of 250 litres per hour. There is a maximum capacity of 4,400 litres of fuel, which can be stored within the two on-board fuel tanks.


The PRESTIGE 750 is fitted with a single generator as standard, although it’s possible to opt for a second generator.Prestige 750


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